Ford EDGE Vignale 2.0 TDCi AWD PowerShift Auto: Review by Anthony Yates

There are a couple of reasons why you would buy a Ford EDGE. Firstly, the thought of doing 600mph in a hot hatch has had its day. Secondly, the EDGE is designed with you in mind – no fuss, no drama, just a decent vehicle that will be very loyal. Yes, occasionally it may annoy you, but in the end, you will forgive it – just because it makes you feel happy.

Of course, some of you will frown because it’s a diesel – I say, if you want to spend a big majority of your life waiting for the battery light to turn green on your new car before you can go anywhere, then be my guest. Call me selfish, but I will continue to burn actual fuel until the day comes when we have none left. I will then go out and buy a bicycle or a Camel.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for looking into the future, but we’re still not there yet with hybrid technology and all that jazz. For instance, my friend has a Nissan Leaf, and I think it’s a terrible car and I have told him he needs to get rid and buy Ford.

Plus, the last thing I want to do after a busy week at work is to arrive home in my electric car – to then have to mess about plugging the thing into the nearest plug socket  – only to find out minutes later that my local power station has run out of Coal, meaning there is no electricity anyway. I’m probably getting away from myself here, so let’s get back to this weeks review of the Ford EDGE.

Power and Efficiency

The EDGE I had on test was equipped with 2.0 litre TDCi diesel engine that provides a maximum power output of 210 PS and a torque figure of 450Nm, and will pretty much pull anything you care to tie to the back of it. On the combined cycle I achieved 45mpg which is pretty outstanding when you consider its size. For all of you speed demons out there, the EDGE Vignale will reach a top speed of around131mph and reach 0-62mph in 9.4s which is OK. Saying that, I just wish it had a little bit more power, but I will forgive it due to the fact that it’s actually rather good.

The EDGE also gets a move on with minimal fuss and has plenty of low down grunt as mentioned earlier. Yes, It’s not as refined as some, but then again you can’t have everything.

On the Road

I was impressed by how the EDGE just glides across even the roughest of road surfaces, whilst also making even the largest of potholes simply disappear. In fact, It’s so smooth, that you could run over a dustbin lid, and I bet you would barely notice.

Also, dare I say it, it makes for the perfect vehicle to tow a caravan with, ‘but who would want to do that? Well, there are a few people who live around by me who own one of those ‘Car-a-Van’ things. Of course, I don’t know them personally, but I know they exist – and they can often be seen caravan hopping with my neighbours across the road.

Into the corners, the EDGE also feels controlled and steady with minimal body roll for such a large vehicle. Even when pushed to its limits, there were no nasty surprises and nothing unexpected happened which means Ford has done some serious work on keeping everything in check. There was one niggle though, the EDGE was fitted with PowerShift, and it does suffer from a small amount of gearbox lag in normal mode.

If I was you, I would keep it in sports mode pretty much all the time. Apart from that small niggle, all is good. Don’t forget, the Ford EDGE also has a great party piece in the form of AWD, meaning you can actually do a bit of off-road driving if that’s your thing. Although, doing off-road would mean getting your snakeskin shoes all muddy.

Design and Technology

Inside, The EDGE looks great and has a nicely trimmed cabin which is something I think gives it the EDGE. You can also see that Ford has worked really hard to get the inside of the EDGE just right. Plus, it’s fitted with some of the best seats I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in.

The EDGE will also easily accommodate a large family with ease. We go camping (in a tent) every year as a family, and I always struggle to fit everything in. Well not if I had a Ford EDGE I wouldn’t. I bet I could fit in all our camping gear, twice over plus all of my wife’s makeup.

The level of standard equipment on the EDGE Vignale version starts with 20” alloy wheels, unique Ford Vignale exterior styling, Ford sync 3 with voice control, acoustic side glass, adaptive lighting with LED headlights, unique LED fog lights, Active City Stop with pedestrian detection, front & rear parking sensors, premium leather seating, enhanced ambient lighting, tyre pressure monitoring system and a whole lot more that frankly just keeps on coming.

To Sum Up

A great machine that will do it’s best to please you every time you press the ‘start button’ – as long as you are not towing a caravan of course.

Price from: £42,695




News has arrived up at #MotorMartinClassics that a car buyer from Singapore has snapped up one of the most sought-after classic cars from a dealership in Oxfordshire after the seller used video technology to save him travelling the 10,000km distance.

The Singapore-based buyer purchased the 1992 Porsche 911 RS from prestige car retailer Maundrell after Steve Rogers, co-founder of the business, followed up his initial enquiry with a personalised video presentation.

On receiving the video, the buyer decided to bite the bullet and became the proud owner of the 911 in spite of never seeing it ‘in-the-metal’, owing to the level of detail captured in the short clip.

Using CitNOW video technology, it’s been explained to MotorMartin that Maundrell has embraced the era of digital car buying, bridging the distance between rare cars and potential customers.

However, the landmark purchase is no flash in the pan; since introducing video in 2016, the dealership has secured a steady stream of buyers who purchase on the basis of video alone. CitNOW’s own research suggests that 12% of buyers would consider doing the same.

CitNOW launched its personalised video technology to make buying and maintaining a car more transparent and convenient for motorists, car dealers and workshops alike. Last year, over 7.5 million videos were sent to motorists worldwide.

Maundrell adopted CitNOW video to give its remote customer base a more visual experience during the enquiry process, and has used video to build meaningful conversations which are both personal and convenient.

Steve Rogers, Co-Founder of Maundrell shared with MotorMartin recently that: “Technology is constantly evolving to empower buyers from all walks of life, and what we’ve seen from this latest prestige customer is how important this is becoming to the car buying process.”

“Despite living on another continent and a 12-hour flight away, a customer has still managed to make an informed buying decision through the application of next-gen video to the purchasing journey. This can only be good news for discerning car buyers who are pushed for time.”

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW commented to MotorMartin: “Car buyers customers have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and the use of video to enable face-to-face conversations and in-depth viewings of any car is a vital.”

“Car buyers looking for something rare and special are unlikely to find that it’s on their doorstep, but risk losing it if they don’t move quickly. The internet made it possible to locate almost any car, but video takes things to the next level and makes buying a car remotely a feasible option.”

For more information on CitNOW, MotorMartin recommends you visit

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On the eve of the Bahrain F1 GP, #MotorMartinRacing has found time to highlight the achievements of one of the less well known driver pairings down at Renault after all, there’s more that two teams in F1 and only so much news one can take regarding the impressive Mercedes and Ferrari.

Renault Sport Formula One Team have shared with MotorMartin how they opened up their 2018 account with both Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz finishing in the top ten in the recent Australian Grand Prix. Nico started from P7 on the grid and finished in that same position whilst Carlos started ninth and finished tenth. Both drivers ran to a one-stop strategy in a race where all the Renault-powered cars finished in the top ten.

• Nico started the race from P7 on his qualifying Ultrasoft (purple) Pirelli tyres, pitting from P6 to change to a set of new Soft tyres on lap 24, rejoining the race in P10.

• Carlos started the race from P9 on his qualifying Ultrasoft tyres pitting from P9 on lap 22 for a new set of Soft tyres, rejoining the race in P14.

Nico Hülkenberg, #27, R.S.18-02: Started P7, finished P7.

“We should be pretty happy with today. The pace of the car was strong and competitive, but we know we still have a lot of work to do. I’m happy with how the weekend has progressed, Friday wasn’t great for me, but we’ve turned it into a decent result and a satisfying Sunday. We got lucky with retirements, but also unlucky with the safety car, but that’s racing and taking six points home is a just reward for the team’s hard work.”

Carlos Sainz, #55, R.S.18-01: Started P9, finished P10.

“It’s a positive start for the team and I’m very happy with the performance of the car. It’s a good job to take home a strong haul of points and we have something to build on ahead of Bahrain. Personally, I struggled a bit out there as had a drinks bottle issue, the result of which was making me feel pretty unwell. The first stint was also a bit difficult with too much oversteer on the car, especially as there was a lot of wind out there today. We keep learning and we’ll be putting the work in ahead of Bahrain.”

Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Director

“It’s a satisfying result, not perfect by any means, but it shows we’re in line with our targets of making progress. Clearly, for a good result, everything must be smooth, from pit-stops to reliability and this double top-ten finish illustrates a solid start to the season. We’re pleased with today and the result gives us something to build on. In the race, the safety car hurt us slightly, but that’s racing and sometimes these things benefit you. Our focus on reliability has been illustrated with all Renault-powered cars finishing inside the top ten today, which is a good positive. We know it’s going to be extra tight in the midfield battle, and that motivates us to keep working hard.”

#MotorMartinRacing will be following the fortunes of the Renault Sport Formula One Team with great interest over the 2018 season.

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Friends of #MotorMartinClassics, Classic Car Auctions (CCA), have held their biggest sale of the year recently at the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show where 130 out of 161 cars classics on offer were sold, resulting in an impressive 81% sales rate. Not a bad result.

The total value of the cars sold reached a very impressive £2.1 million over the two-day sale at the NEC in Birmingham on 24th and 25th March.

It’s been explained to MotorMartin that while there was frenetic bidding for many cars, notable lots included the highest price paid at the auction for a restored 1972 Alfa Montreal which sold above its upper estimate for £59,400. It was followed by another Montreal project car from the same year which sold for £28,600 to an internet bid from New Zealand, again above its upper estimate.

Meanwhile, a stunning a stunning 1948 Jaguar 3.5-litre ‘Mark IV’ Drophead Coupé stole the limelight on day two of the sale when it sold for more than twice its upper estimate for £40,700, to an on-line bidder in the Czech Republic.

Proving that good things come in small packages was a 1964 Morris Mini Cooper 970 ‘S’ in a very rare original shade of blue which sold for £40,700, almost £10,000 above its upper estimate.

Other cars which caught the attention of bidders and selling above upper estimate included a rare 1975 Vauxhall Firenza 2.3 ‘Droopsnoot’ which sold for £18,150, and a 1975 Jensen Interceptor SIII 7.2-litre which was hammered away for £56,100.

MotorMartin’s own interest was piqued when it was revealed that Fast Ford fever was high with a 1987 Ford Capri 280 ‘Brooklands’ Turbo Technics selling above its upper estimate at £26,400, while other modern classics also achieved strong results, including a 1973 Datsun 240Z sold for £10,000 above its lower estimate for £24,750 and a 1990 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera Targa 4 which sold well above its upper estimate for £36,850.

Celebrity cars were also not to be outdone. A 1977 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL once owned by music legend Sir Barry Gibb sold above its upper estimate for £17,600, while a 1995 BMW E38 750iL previously owned by rocker Francis Rossi OBE fetched £7,150 and a 1985 Bentley Turbo R, once the property of global superstar Sir Elton John CBE, sold for £10,120.

Gary Dunne, sales manager, Classic Car Auctions, commented to MotorMartin that: “This is a fantastic start to the year for CCA and we’re absolutely delighted with the results, as well as the huge turn-out in the auction hall.”

There was a lot of variety in the cars on offer and demand proved high across the board, and from across the globe. The dust may have only just settled on this sale but we’re straight onto the next, so I encourage any prospective vendors to come forward early to avoid disappointment.”

To see all the results, MotorMartin recommends you visit–restoration-show-sale-2018/view_lots/pn/all.

CCA’s next sale takes place at The Warwickshire Event Centre on Saturday 2nd June. For more information, visit

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It’s been explained to #MotorMartinClassics that this year’s Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, with Discovery, broke all records – record crowds, record number of cars and clubs, record fundraising and more restoration and rust than ever before!

A record 28,151 motoring enthusiasts, an increase of over 3,000 attendees, headed to Birmingham’s NEC over the three-day show to see over 1,000 cars in various conditions, from a rusty heap to a concours stunner.

They were treated to amazing vehicle displays, live working on projects and informative demonstrations from 159 classic motoring clubs, the most to ever appear at the show, giving visitors all the hints and tips to restore and maintain their own vehicles.

The Sporting Bears Motor Club also achieved a new show record, increasing their fundraising efforts through the popular ‘Dream Rides’ from £11,000 to a whopping £15,800. The Dream Rides garage featured rare cars including the MG SVR and a stunning traction engine that never stopped giving rides around the outside of the halls all weekend.

Show Director Lee Masters shared with MotorMartin that: “Over the past five years, the growth of this event has been phenomenal, not just in terms of the numbers but in the way the car clubs are pushing the boundaries with live working and demonstrations. They spur each other on and give fresh ideas on how to showcase the wealth of knowledge within the club as well enticing new members. There is no other show in the classic motoring community like it anywhere in the world!”

Over on the show’s Practical Classics Live Stage, with Discovery, the team restored what is believed to be the oldest Citreon 2CV in existence, with the vehicle taken from a shell on day one to being driven off the stage with Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer behind the wheel at the end of Sunday.

Impressively, the Carole Nash Barn Find display saw 20 discoveries, in various stages of decay, on show including a Triumph TR6, an Austin A35, a Singer Gazelle and a vintage caravan. Visitors were treated to live music as they viewed the barn finds while artist ArtbyBex recreated the Citroen 2CV on show in a live painting.

At the other end of the scale, the Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership sping final was won by Paul Clappison’s 1972 MGB GT, with Bron Burrell’s ex-World Cup Rally Austin Maxi called ‘Puff’ taking second place while Graham Varley’s 1993 VW Corrado VR6 was third.

TV motoring celebrities attending include Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead, Car SOS’ Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw, Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars’ Paul Cowland, Fifth Gear’s Jonny Smith, and Jimmy De Ville and the team from Goblin Works Garage.

Classic Car Auctions saw 81 per cent of the 165 cars on offer finding new homes over the two-day sale with total sales reaching £2.1million.

The 2019 Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, with Discovery will take place from Fri 22 to Sun 24 March 2019. For more information and updates, MotorMartin recommends you visit

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BMW UK have shared with MotorMartin recently that they are celebrating a significant milestone as the 10,000th BMW i3 has just been sold.

Launched in 2013, BMW have explained that the i3 has evolved to be the best-selling compact electric vehicle in the premium segment. With updates to the BMW i3 and the addition of a new, sportier variant in the BMW i3s, success is set to continue.

Thanks to the latest BMW eDrive technology, both the BMW i3 and new BMW i3s offer emission-free driving with instantaneous power delivery, efficient use of energy and an increased range.

Unsurprisingly, this strong market position is not isolated to just the UK. In 2017, BMW Group sold more than 100,000 electrified vehicles and both BMW i and BMW iPerformance became the best-selling Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) brands worldwide.

i vehicles are now sold in 74 countries, according to BMW and charging has never been easier with 130,000 ChargeNow locations worldwide with more than 5,000 in the UK alone.

In addition to successful vehicle registrations, the BMW i3 has been awarded many accolades since entering the market, further cementing the groundbreaking zero emission car’s status. This includes winning titles such as Car of the Year in 2014, Best Electric Car of the Year in 2017 an Best Zero Emission Car by Fleet News this year, to name a few of many.

Graeme Grieve, Chief Executive Officer, BMW UK commented to MotorMartin: “This is an important moment for electric cars in the UK. With the electric vehicle market growing at astonishing pace, I am proud that the BMW i3 has played such a major role in promoting EV ownership.”

BMW i3 Retail Sales

2014 – 1,220

2015 – 2,145

2016 – 2,631

2017 – 3,458

It would appear that the future is indeed electric.

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Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian SVP: Barbarian Kings

The SVP, Mitsubishi say, has been specifically built from the ground up, giving it a rugged new appearance with 17” bespoke black alloy wheels and BF Goodrich off-road tyres, aggressive oversized wheel arches, black detailing, special seat trims with embroidered Limited Edition vehicle number and a tailgate SVP badge, there’s also only 250 available from your local Mitsubishi dealer. Exclusivity sells after all.

The small yet significant improvements in detailing added by Mitsubishi over the standard L200 gives the Barbarian a whole new look. Now let us not forget that last year’s L200 was no shrinking violet, having a presence on the road that few others can achieve, but this new edition moves things on even further and is even better because of it. Whether it’s the black 17″ alloys with their chunky and distinctive off-road tyres, the extended black wheel arches or the bespoke black grille, the overall impression is memorable and hints at the Mitsubishi’s go anywhere nature.

When it comes to equipment, the L200 is as well appointed as it is boldly styled including, as it does, a veritable who’s who of desirable options such as: HID Bi-Xenon headlamps with washers, LED daytime running lights, Super Select 4WD system, Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control, 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift, ABS with EBD, Hill Start Assist & Trailer Stability Assist and let’s not forget the LEDs in the rear flat bed and a soft opening tailgate. Superb.

Inside is the kind of luxury you could rightly expect from far more executive style motors, a fact brought to home almost instantly when sinking into the comfortable heated and powered front driver’s seat. Reach forward to the leather steering wheel and the Mitsubishi’s paddle shift grabs the attention as does the Keyless operation system with engine start/stop button, Satellite navigation system with HD 7” touch-screen, DAB radio/CD player with 6 speakers, Bluetooth® hands-free telephone connection with music streaming and Cruise control, whilst the reversing camera is extremely helpful, especially in supermarket car parks for rather obvious reasons.

The sense of occasion that the engine start/stop function delivers upon starting the in-line 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC, turbocharged 2442cc diesel engine is directly inverse to the size of the button itself and it’s an additional sense of theatre that you just don’t become bored of and sets the bar high in anticipation of your next drive. And when it’s all said and done, it’s the drive that is even more important in a vehicle such as this. Long gone are the days when a commercial vehicle was just that, something to use for work and work only and the L200 is perhaps the vehicle that has done the most to break this mould, arriving on these shores, as it did, way back in 1982 and having been continuously updated and improved ever since.

Even more importantly, the Mitsubishi’s remarkably easy to use Super Select 4WD system gives you the security that 4WD offers in wet and slippery conditions whilst also providing exceptional off road capability as and when you need it.

In conclusion then, the Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian SVP provides a beauty of an engine that delivers 180 bhp @ 3500rpm, torque of 317 Ib/ft @ 2500rpm and a potential combined mpg of up to 39.8 which for a vehicle of this type is seriously impressive. There’s also a cabin that carries the driver and up to four passengers in complete comfort whether pottering around town or visiting the other side of the country. This Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian SVP takes all of the good points present in the Series 5 L200 and injects cool and desirability into the proceedings.

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Following on from Race 1, Honda have explained to MotorMartin how Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team’s Leon Camier capped off a strong showing in Thailand with a sixth place finish at Chang International Circuit, while Jake Gagne was back in the points after taking fourteenth place on the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2.

Camier started on pole position in Race 2 courtesy of his fourth place in Race 1 and although he got the holeshot and led into the first corner, a fierce battle in the lead group resulted in him ending the first lap in P5. Showing consistent pace throughout the race, Camier was embroiled in the fight for the top five with Jonathan Rea and Xavi Forés and although he closed in on Forés in the final laps, he ultimately finished in sixth place.

Bouncing back after a tough race yesterday, Gagne had a strong start and in the opening exchanges fought his way up to ninth position. As the contest entered the final stages, Gagne found himself caught up in a five way battle for the top ten and despite a valiant final push was unable to make up positions and ended the race in P14.

All of which means that after two rounds Camier is eighth in the WorldSBK standings on 42 points, while Gagne is sixteenth overall with 9 points. The series now heads to Europe where the Red Bull World Superbike Team will contest the Aragon WorldSBK round on April 13-15.

Leon Camier 2

The start of the race was great, I got the holeshot and led into the first corner and although the bike was very strong in the turns and under brakes, there was a small issue which made it difficult to defend against the other riders in the leading group. I still managed to keep a good pace and sixth place was the best I could do today. Overall I’m happy with how we performed this weekend as we were able to make some good steps to improve the Fireblade’s performance.

– Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team

Jake Gagne 45

I got a good start to the race and for the first few laps found myself making up positions and I felt really good. In the second half of the race I was lacking a bit of feel with the brakes which meant I ran wide in a few corners and at that point I just tried to maintain my rhythm and bring home the bike in the points. It was a challenging weekend overall, but I learned a lot, improved my pace and scored some more points so we can take a lot of positives out of this weekend.

– Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team

Kervin Bos

Team Manager

Race 2 today was another solid team performance with both riders finishing in the points, but we perhaps struggled a bit more with the hot conditions today than some other teams. It was great to see Leon again fighting with the top group and to be in the battle for the top five in both races was very positive and represents a big step in performance at this circuit compared to last year. For his first time at Chang International Circuit, Jake had a challenging weekend but in today’s race he showed his potential again running in the top ten during the race, so it’s another valuable learning experience for him. It’s another step in the right direction for us and puts us in good shape ahead of the next round at Aragon.

– Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team

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Following on from Race 1, The Racing – Ducati team have shared with MotorMartin how they climbed back to the top step of the podium at Buriram (Thailand) with Chaz Davies, who sealed a brilliant win in Race 2 starting from third row. The Welshman, who took the lead during lap 7 and progressively broke away from the field, thus claimed the first victory of 2018 and the 28th of his career. A particularly significant win – coupled with the fastest lap of the race in 1:33.627 – since it came on a historically difficult track.

Race 2, on the other hand, did not yield the expected results for Marco Melandri, who was once again hindered by some issues. The Italian showed resilience fighting in the lead group and making several passing maneuvers early on, but was eventually forced to drop his pace and finished in 7th position, nonetheless scoring important points for the championship.

After Round 2, Melandri and Davies are respectively 2nd (67 points) and 4th (57 points) in the championship. The Racing – Ducati team will resume action at Aragon (Spain) for the third round of the 2018 WorldSBK Championship, scheduled for April 13-15.

Chaz Davies ( Racing – Ducati #7) – 1st

“It was a fantastic race, something special. To come away with a win here makes me so happy. At Buriram we’ve always struggled in the past, it’s been a long process to get into a race winning position. I want to thank the whole team because they’ve given me such a great bike today. The Panigale R was working really well, we found a little bit more consistency and I could be more adaptable with the bike. It was quite hectic out there but, if you can get through it OK, it’s so much fun. Our package is competitive and in Europe it will be like starting from zero. I’m looking forward to Aragon.”

Marco Melandri ( Racing – Ducati #33) – 7th

“We worked hard to come up with some modifications to our setup, which unfortunately didn’t yield the expected results. The bike was wobbling a lot also today, and it was a difficult race for us. I tried to ride as hard as I could and fight back, but it wasn’t possible to do more today. Anyway, we won’t give up. The championship is still long and I’m confident we’ll find a solution. We’ll head to Aragon to fight even harder.”

Serafino Foti, Team Manager

“Chaz rode a tactically perfect race. If we take into account the difficulties we had here in the past, this win is even more important for the team and the people working in Italy. We’re obviously very sorry for Marco, who gave everything he had on track, but unfortunately he couldn’t have done more. We’ll work even harder to make sure both our riders can fully express their potential from Aragon on.”

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