I’m just going to put this one out there and test the waters as this piece will surely bring out those from both sides of the argument. (Especially from the lazy folk parking on yellow zig zag lines outside the school gates. Park further away, get out and walk.)

A survey by the online parking portal has found that more than 1-in-10 respondents would like to slap a fine of up to £100 on pavement parkers and that some participants wanted even harsher punishments. Community service was backed by 2 per cent, three points on a driving licence was given support by 5 per cent of people, while driving awareness courses were favoured by 4 per cent.

There was even the idea that those parking on the pavement while on the school run should face heavy fines, three points on a driving licence or community service, accordingly.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, shared with MotorMartin that: “Pavement parking provokes strong opinions, with a sizeable number of Brits baying for harsh punishments.”

“A number of motorists think there’s nothing wrong with stopping on a pavement but for others it’s a definite no-no because of the inconvenience it can cause to pedestrians.”

According to the survey, motorists parking on pavements gave various reasons for doing so, with almost 1-in-5 saying it was because there was nowhere else to park, while 2 per cent said it was due to being in a rush.

News has arrived at MotorMartin Towers recently that pavement parking could soon be investigated by the Department for Transport who are considering a review of current traffic legislation which could make the whole of the UK the same as London where it is illegal, forcing those on the school run to look for alternative parking spaces.

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