Here on the top floor of MotorMartin Towers we were all extremely impressed with Suzuki’s previous iteration of their venerable Jimny so to hear that the replacement new model of this excellent compact SUV is now on sale is great news indeed. It comes as no surprise though to be told by Suzuki that the model has just recieved a very strong residual value forecast from leading industry specialists CAP Automotive, which has got to be good news for potential purchasers.

Suzuki have explained to MotorMartin that based on CAP’s long established three years and 60,000 miles formula in their January 2019 Gold Book, Jimny SZ5 retains 52 per cent of its value offering good peace of mind to customers from its very slow depreciation. If a lower mileage of 36,000 over three years is taken into account and perhaps more in line with historical Jimny ownership usage, the figure is a record breaker for Suzuki at 61 per cent. This figure places the new Jimny up in the Supercar league of cars for retained value.

Can’t wait to try this one Suzuki.

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