In what is rapidly becoming an example to all as to how you can quietly and successfully rebuild a famous old brand, MG Motor UK has now launched its brand-new online aftersales dealer portal system so that they can continue to develop a comprehensive support service offering for their franchise network and customers.

MG Motor UK have shared the following with MotorMartin regarding their all new system:

The online aftersales dealer portal system represents a key component of MG’s long-term investment in growth and the new tool radically transforms the performance and efficiency of the brand’s ever-expanding list of dealer partners. By utilising this digital tool, MG’s dealers are further equipped to offer an effective customer-focussed approach as all the relevant information on parts, servicing, invoicing, marketing and aftersales performance is contained within the easily accessible online platform.

A wide range of aftersales functions will be addressed and improved, such as instant access to marketing material, parts pricing information, dispatch lead times as well as product codes. Digital invoicing simplifies and accelerates the invoicing process, while providing both the dealer and customer with a digital service record for easy future reference.

In addition, dealers can use the system to check the availability of genuine MG parts. This functionality is connected to a live and centralised parts database, ensuring that the user is immediately presented with the most up-to-date information without having to contact a workshop.

Harvey France, Head of Aftersales & Parts at MG Motor UK, explained to MotorMartin that: “Customer retention is a key priority for our brand and the launch of this digital platform ensures our dealers are fully supported and equipped to deliver service high-quality standard of. Fast and efficient processing means responding to customer enquiries in a far more efficient way, meanwhile dealers will be able to track their parts and accessories performance against individual plans, too.”

“The live parts database now allows service departments to instantly assess how soon a customer’s vehicle can be repaired and returned to them. While the introduction of the system is directly helpful for dealers, it will provide our customers with complete transparency and easily accessible information about their car provided by their dealer”

MG Motor UK are confident that further benefits for the customer will include a full digital service record of checks and maintenance. When a customer visits their local MG dealer for a service, the details are logged on the MG Digital Service Records system. This way, customers have full access to the service history of their vehicle through a national database of MG dealers.

To mark the launch of the new online portal and the new Digital Service Records system, MG Motor UK is offering customers 12-months free MG Assistance managed by the AA and a special edition Morris the Bear soft toy when they bring their MG to a franchised dealer at the recommended service intervals.

And you can’t say fairer than that can you.

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