Kia Picanto ‘GT-Line’ 1.0: Shakermaker

And now we get to the Picanto ‘GT-Line’ 1.0, a car that Kia expect to inject some youthful vim and vigour to their venerable city Car. Styling wise the ‘GT-Line’ is extremely successful from any angle you choose to mention. The newly highlighted and chrome surround front grille offers an aggressive new slant, as do… Read More Kia Picanto ‘GT-Line’ 1.0: Shakermaker

Kia Picanto ‘GT-Line’ 1.0: Hammer To Fall

The Kia Picanto has been an excellent seller for Kia over the years with the original being released way back in 2004, an absolute age in car terms at least. This original model was heavily based on the Hyundai Getz and sold worldwide under a variety of names before it’s first refresh arrived in 2007.… Read More Kia Picanto ‘GT-Line’ 1.0: Hammer To Fall