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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 4: Magic Hour

Mitsubishi have a clear history when it comes to the design and building of compact SUVs of which the Eclipse Cross is another to be added to it’s illustrious predecessors. Like the short wheelbase Shogun or 2005s original SUV, the Outlander. And of course it was the Outlander, Mitsubishi tell us, that was the world’s first compact SUV to offer an environmentally friendly PZEV V6 engine, a quality also pioneered by today’s Eclipse Cross with it’s in-line 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC MIVEC direct-injection petrol engine with turbocharger, intercooler and Auto Stop & Go technology.

What everyone wants with their new purchase is a vehicle that stands out from the crowd, a SUV that displays something a little different from everyone else and with the Mitsubishi you’ve certainly got that. Mitsubishi themselves nail it when they describe their Eclipse Cross: Robust below the waistline reflecting its 4×4 heritage, it is fierce from the front, flowing from the side with heavily flared front and rear arches and coupe-style roof line, and features a truly distinctive rear. This is the brand new face of Mitsubishi and it’s all good. The rear of the vehicle is distinctive without being over the top and combines beautifully with that refreshingly modern rear strip flowing between the lights with the accentuated wheel arches offering a sporting profile that compliments the high waistline. Indeed, the Eclipse Cross offers a rather more bespoke feel than could be reasonably expected.

Under the skin you’ve got thoroughly modern 4×4 architecture, which should come as no surprise, this is a Mitsubishi after all and moves the Eclipse Cross away from the more regular two wheel drive opposition. After all, if you’re going to have a SUV, it really should offer the driving experience that the looks promise.

With Mitsubishi having achieved five World Rally Championship titles and more Dakar Rally wins than anyone else, I think it’s clear that they know what they’re doing when it comes to offering all-wheel-drive in a vehicle. When underway, the S-AWC, Mitsubishi say, gathers information on steering, brakes, driveline and yaw, and then controls the 4×4 system and the brakes across the axles to direct torque to the wheel with most grip. What this means for the driver is that on the Eclipse Cross standard mode (Auto on the dial) torque is split 80:20 with more sent backwards when it’s needed, whilst Snow receives a greater rear-wheel-bias and it culminates in a 40:60 front:rear split for Gravel.

The result of all this clever technology is an SUV that really does offer increased straight line stability, enhanced cornering and increased traction and control, even when the weather and conditions conspire against you. The thing is, when (MotorMartin is based in Yorkshire after all) you need extra traction and the confidence that that gives you, the system in the Eclipse Cross allows you to concentrate fully on keeping smooth and the road ahead rather than worrying about what the car itself is going to be doing. Excellent.

For those of you used to the more utilitarian interiors of older 4x4s, sitting in the Mitsubishi is going to come as quite a shock. If the exterior of the Eclipse Cross impresses then the interior raises your expectations even more so with technology and style aplenty. Dominating the centre console and usually the preserve of something a little more Germanic, you have the touch pad controller, a simple to use feature that allows you to control the Smartphone Link Display Audio housed in a neat screen on top of the dash. And it’s the rather clever Link Display that allows you to maximise the features of your Smartphone, meaning that mapping is current and traffic updates live. You can even talk to your car using your phone’s voice control system which is extremely handing when needing to change the Sat Nav destination on the move or access your own music rather than the banal offerings on DAB and beyond.

Of course there’s leather heated seats, a Rockford Fosgate premium 9-speaker system and an impressive power panoramic glass roof helping to create a bright and airy cabin. What you probably won’t realise though is that the Eclipse Cross also offers the discerning driver LED headlamps with washers, a 360-degree camera, Blind Spot Warning & Rear Cross Traffic Alert Lane Change Assist and my own personal favourite the Adaptive Cruise Control (CVT 4WD model). And have I mentioned the superb colour Head-up display?

Once you’re out on the road, you can really start to feel what Mitsubishi were hoping to achieve with their Eclipse Cross as the stylish exterior perfectly complements the composed nature of the drive ahead. From the high up driving position typical of the Mitsubishi’s SUV architecture the Eclipse Cross does an excellent job of isolating you and your passengers from the imperfections ever present on the roads of this green and pleasant land of ours.

Heading off along the M62, on the first leg of a journey destined to finish on the beautiful Island of Anglesey and the first thing that strikes you is what a comfortable cruiser the Mitsubishi really is. With the Adaptive cruise control set to 70mph you really can begin to relax as the car removes the obvious stress that the average motorway brings about. Automatically speeding up and slowing down depending on the traffic around you plus the added security of a Forward Collision Mitigation system which provides an audible warning and braking assistance at speeds of up to 50mph, means that motorway miles fly-by giving you a chance to focus on the ride comfort and willingness of the power plant under the bonnet for a change.

Driven by Mitsubishi’s brand new 1.5 turbo direct injection petrol engine with Auto Stop & Go, this is power plant that provides excellent ‘real life’ power and performance that suits the Eclipse Cross perfectly. An SUV that delivers 118 bhp at 5500 rpm whilst offering 184 lb/ft torque between 1800-4500 rpm doesn’t tell the whole story especially if you’re looking purely at the figures and yet a 0-62 mph time of 9.8s suggests that this isn’t a car that is slow off the mark. As ever though, it’s the performance out on the road rather than on the track where the Eclipse Cross really makes itself known. Off the motorway and out onto the A and B roads of North Wales is where this SUV really starts to earn it’s money as it seamlessly transforms from a high mileage cruiser into a sporty upstart intent on releasing your inner youth. What this means in practice is that you can start to have serious amounts of fun whilst still transporting yourself and associated paraphernalia (family etc.) up hill and down dale. Suspension, so cosseting when travelling to your destination, allows for perfect control through the bends and road imperfections to be soaked up once arrived.

Mated to this engine is a CVT auto with 8-speed sport mode and manual override, a new generation Continuously Variable automatic Transmission which provides power seamlessly for a smoother ride and reduced power loss matches the engine perfectly allowing you to use the available power whenever necessary. There’s also the small matter of a combined mpg of 40.4, a more than reasonable figure for a car of this sort.

And it’s this ‘real life’ ability of the drivetrain that so impresses when using the Eclipse Cross everyday. Supermarkets, the school run and journeys further afield offer a variety of situations that fail to dent the abilities of this impressive SUV, an SUV which manages to combine comfort, technology and style in such a way as to create a quite unique combination, plus there’s the small matter of a superb and intuitive all-wheel drive system ready for when the need arises.

With a starting price of £21,915 you are getting an awful lot of car for the money.

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How cool do these new Mitsubishi Black Editions look? Extremely, in MotorMartin’s opinion. So much so that the decision has been made to publish the following missive from Mitsubishi Motors UK in full. Enjoy:

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK has introduced new Black Edition variants of the ASX, Outlander Petrol, Eclipse Cross and L200 pick-up models. Black Edition versions are distinguished by their black alloys wheels and black detailing, and are only offered in one of three colours – black, grey or white. 

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Black Edition

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Black Edition is based on the high-specification Eclipse Cross 4 and is offered as a two-wheel drive manual or 4WD automatic. It features black 18-inch alloy wheels along with a black front grille, black front skid plate and black door mirror covers. The door rubbing strip inserts are also finished in black along with the rear skid plate. Other standard equipment includes a panoramic sunroof, 360° parking camera, a Head-up display, leather upholstery, a full suite of active safety equipment and Mitsubishi’s touchscreen SDA audio system with smartphone connectivity and a Rockford Fosgate speaker system.

In addition, 250 of the 500 Eclipse Cross Black Edition models available in the UK will feature Mitsubishi Motors’ new Connected Car system, which enhances the safety and security for drivers whilst providing additional piece of mind. The “Mitsubishi Connect” system has features such as e-call (the automatic accident detection system that sends your location to the emergency services) and the ability to call for assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown. The system is complimented with a mobile app with features such as a mileage tracker, the ability to set vehicle parameters and remotely check the vehicle status of items such as fuel level and tyre pressure.

The new Eclipse Cross Black Edition is priced from £27,290 OTR* with the Connected version priced from £27,690 OTR including a two-year subscription to Mitsubishi Connect services.

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian Black Edition

The new Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian Black Edition is available with either a manual or automatic transmission and is equipped with black 17-inch alloy wheels, a black front grille and a black front bumper centre section (normally body coloured, and black fog lamp surrounds. Along the flanks there are black door mirror covers, black door handles, black wheel arch extensions and black side steps, while the rear is equipped with a black rear bumper, black tailgate handle and a spring assisted tailgate with soft opening damper, along with a choice of rear load area accessory: either a GST hardtop with sliding side windows, a Mitsubishi Fullbox or a black aluminium roll top with black sports bars. The interior adds Barbarian Black Edition leather seating, Barbarian illuminated door entry guards, mood lighting with puddle lamps and a Barbarian Black mat set. The L200 Barbarian Black Edition is limited to just 500 units and priced from £30,195 CVOTR**.

Mitsubishi ASX Black Edition
The Mitsubishi ASX Black Edition is based on the Juro variant but with black 18-inch alloy wheels, black mirror covers, black front skid plate and a panoramic roof. The roof rails are also finished in black along with the side window mouldings. The interior adds aluminium pedals, a black window switch panel and red stitching on the steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake and centre console. The ASX Black Edition is limited to 300 units and priced from £21,660 OTR*.

Mitsubishi Outlander Black Edition

The Mitsubishi Outlander Black Edition is based on the top Outlander 4 petrol variant but is enhanced with black 18-inch alloy wheels, a black radiator grille, black front skid plate and black door mirror covers. Along the flanks the door rubbing strips are also finished in black along with the roof rails and black rear skid plate. The interior is finished with a black roof lining and sporty “C-TEC” upholstery. The Outlander Black Edition is limited to 150 units and priced from £31,560 OTR*.

The Mitsubishi Black Edition range is on sale in the UK now and for a limited time are also available with an exclusive PCP finance offer.

Customers wishing to know more about the Black Edition range can visit:





More details about the exclusive PCP finance offer can be found at www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk/finance/calculator 

*On The Road price include VED and first registration fee. Metallic paint extra

** Commercial Vehicle On The Road price include VED and first registration fee but exclude VAT. Metallic paint extra

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It is becoming something of a Mitsubishi owners club day over here at MotorMartin Towers as the news team of Mitsubishi Motors UK continue to happily contact us regarding the good news with their current range.

And it’s not just Mitsubishi themselves either as you, the consumer, clearly agree as the latest figures shared with MotorMartin show that 2018 proved to be a successful year for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, with sales of passenger vehicles up 31.5% compared to 2017. Good news indeed.

Mitsubishi Motors have explained to MotorMartin that their passenger vehicle sales in December totalled 1,722 units, a 40% improvement over December 2017 (1,227 units) with the brand finishing the 2018 calendar year with a total of 21,156 units registered. This is an increase of 31.5% over 2017 (16,092 units) and was achieved in a passenger car market that finished the year 6.8% down compared to 2017.

Mitsubishi Motors commercial vehicles (L200 and-car derived van range) totalled 9,695 registrations in 2018, meaning the brand finished the year with total vehicle sales of 30,851 units, up from 26,498 in 2017.

A particular favourite of MotorMartin, checkout Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: Everybody’s Talkin’, the excellent Outlander PHEV finished another strong year as the UK’s best-selling plug-in vehicle with 8,701 vehicles registered, an increase of 16% over 2017. The latest model year Outlander PHEV launched in September with improved EV and petrol-engine performance and significantly increased efficiency resulting in impressive WLTP figures of 139mpg and 46g/km, as well as a real-world EV range of 28 miles.

Rob Lindley, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK commented to MotorMartin that: “We are delighted with our sales performance in 2018 and to be growing at a time of challenging market conditions is especially pleasing. We launched three new SUVs in 2018 – the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Shogun Sport and the significantly updated 19MY Outlander PHEV. We also launched a new petrol version of the 7 seat Outlander. We plan to build on this in 2019 with the launch of the new L200 towards the end of the summer. This performance is indicative of our plans for growth and we look to continue this momentum into 2019 and beyond.”

For more details about the Mitsubishi product line-up, MotorMartin can happily recommend you visit www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk

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Mitsubishi Motors UK have explained to MotorMartin recently that customers of the all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross can now purchase the forthcoming SUV without having to face the wintry conditions thanks to the new Mitsubishi Buy Online facility.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which launches in the UK in January 2018, is now available to order alongside the rest of the Mitsubishi range at www.buy.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk

All versions of the Eclipse Cross are offered through the straightforward and transparent online service, which allows customers to select the colour, trim level, specification and options and even part-exchange their existing car via the trade-in valuation facility. Customers can also add a service plan and accessories to their order with the cost being integrated into finance payment plans.

Online buyers can also take advantage of the same highly-competitive pre-launch finance offers that are available through Mitsubishi Motors’ UK dealer network, with the Eclipse Cross 2 available via PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) from just £199 per month*, following an initial deposit of £4,550 and an optional final payment of £11,234. As with all other PCP offers across the Mitsubishi Eclipse range, this 37-month plan includes a £750 manufacturer deposit contribution.

All Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross versions include such features as Smartphone Display Audio that is compatible with Apple CarPlay1 and Android Auto2, touch-pad controller, rear view camera, DAB radio with six speakers, climate control air conditioning, LED Daytime Running Lights and alloy wheels.

Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM), which uses radar technology to detect a risk of collision, are also standard and have contributed to the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross achieving a maximum 5-star Euro NCAP rating.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers a choice of three trim levels – 2, 3 and 4. Whilst stocks last, there is also an exclusive, highly-equipped First Edition version available that celebrates the launch of the new SUV, which is limited to a production run of only 250. From launch, all variants are powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine, mated to a six-speed manual (FWD only) or an all-new eight-step CVT automatic transmission (FWD and 4WD). The range is priced from £21,275 OTR with the top-of-the range 4 version starting from £24,975 OTR.

It would appear to be a bit of a bargain.

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Mitsubishi have recently confirmed to MotorMartin tha following details regarding their all new SUV, The Eclipse Cross. The decision has therefore been taken to publish the following from Mitsubishi in full. Enjoy.

The all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be available to UK customers from £21,275 OTR when it goes on sale in January 2018. Developed with a focus on three core areas – inspiring design, driving dynamics and advanced technology – Mitsubishi’s new mid-sized SUV will be available in three trim levels – Eclipse Cross 2, Eclipse Cross 3 and Eclipse Cross 4.

At launch, all versions of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be powered by an all-new 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine developing 163hp and 250Nm of torque which will be available with a six-speed manual or advanced new automatic transmission with Sport mode, manual override and paddle shifters, depending on the model. The new transmission benefits from the latest step logic technology to combine the packaging and running cost benefits of a CVT with the smoothness and responsiveness of a traditional automatic.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will also be available with two- or four-wheel drive, the latter incorporating the latest generation of Mitsubishi’s Super All-wheel Control (S-AWC) system that offers a choice of three advanced drive modes – Auto, Snow and Gravel.

The Eclipse Cross is extremely well specified, with even the entry-level 2 version offering features such as a touch-pad controller, Smartphone Display Audio that is compatible with Apple CarPlay*¹and Android Auto*², rear view camera, DAB radio with six speakers, cruise control, climate control air conditioning, LED Daytime Running Lights, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls, 16-inch alloy wheels, privacy glass and heated door mirrors.

The cockpit-style driving environment in the Eclipse Cross reinforces its focus on driving pleasure and the spaciousness of the cabin is further enhanced by slide-and-recline adjustment for the 60:40 split rear seat on all models. To optimise loading comfort and facilitate loads of various sizes and shapes, the rear seat back has eight different recline settings and the base has up to 200mm of travel.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross protects its occupants, other drivers and pedestrians with an array of safety features and systems. All versions will have Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) that uses radar technology to detect a risk of collision, ABS, Active Stability Control, Hill Start Assist, Brake Assist, seven airbags, dusk and rain sensors and automatic operation of the headlamps’ dipped beam. All these features are standard in the entry-level Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2 which is priced from £21,275 OTR.

The Eclipse Cross 3 builds on the specification of the 2 versions by adding 18-inch alloy wheels, a head-up display, heated front seats, front and rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control, keyless entry and keyless start, electrically folding door mirrors, silver side sills and an electronic handbrake on automatic versions. Pricing starts from £22,575 OTR for the front-wheel drive Eclipse Cross 3 manual and £23,850 OTR for the front-wheel drive automatic. The Eclipse Cross 3 4WD automatic is priced from £25,350 OTR.

Completing the line-up, the flagship Eclipse Cross 4 version builds on the 3’s specification with the additions of leather trim, electrically-adjustable driver’s seat, electric opening panoramic roof, Rockford Fosgate Premium sound system with nine speakers and a suite of advanced driver assistance systems including LED headlamps, 360˚parking camera, Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Lane Change Assist (LCA) and Adaptive Cruise Control (automatic only). Pricing for the flagship Eclipse Cross 4 starts at £24,975 OTR with the front-wheel drive manual transmission and £27,900 OTR for the 4WD automatic version.

To celebrate the launch of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in the UK, a special ‘First Edition’ version will be available for a limited time. The First Edition is based on the Eclipse Cross 4 but is bolstered with a number of exclusive extras including a premium paint finish, carbon-finish bumper corner and side extension kit with red inserts, additional silver styling details to the front and rear, special First Edition floor mats with red trim and unique First Edition badging. Just 250 units will be produced priced from £26,825 OTR.

Order books for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross open in October but customers are able to register their interest now by visiting www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk/eclipse-cross/

Even the shortest glance at the new Eclipse SUV should be enough as in MotorMartin’s opinion, it looks fantastic already and if Mitsubishi’s recent Outlander PHEV refresh is anything to go by, the Eclipse should be an excellent driving experience as well. 

Those of us based on the top floor of MotorMartin Towers can’t wait.

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