2014 Vauxhall Corsa JCT600 Special Edition. The good, the bad and the ugly.

In my previous posts about the Vauxhall Corsa we’ve looked at my first impressions of the vehicle and the driving experience, both of which have been far more positive than negative experiences. The big question and the one that this post hopes to answer is whether this is a car that can do the boring and mundane day to day tasks as well as adding in the elements of fun that I believe, the average man or woman on the street want in a car. After driving around in this particular 1.2 Corsa for some time, I now feel that the time is right to share a few details that the ‘real world’ motorist needs to know.

Vauxhall Corsa delivering children for a haircut. It can complete the mundane well.

Imagine if you will, a small courtroom scene in a typical Hollywood B movie. At the front of the room is the Judge, resplendent in his/her extravagant wig and brightly coloured gown. Slightly in front and to the left is the lawyer for the prosecution, MotorMartin, ready to take apart the Vauxhall Corsa and hold it to account for any failings it might have. To the Judge’s right and looking rather dapper, is the lawyer for the defence, MotorMartin, hoping to defend all that is good and right about the Corsa during day to day driving and there, cowering in the dock, is the Defendant, a rather sporty looking, JCT600 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa Energy Special Edition. The 12 good/angry men and women of the jury walk slowly into court and sit down nervously, shuffling uncomfortably in their seats. The Judge stands, surveys the scene in front of him/her and asks MotorMartin to present the case for the prosecution…

So here we are men and women of the jury, the JCT600 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Energy Special Edition http://www.jct600.co.uk/brands/vauxhall/find-us/vauxhall-bradford/1244/dealershipdetails.aspx as council for the prosecution I put it to you that this 1.2 Corsa has a number of foibles that you need to consider before buying such a car. The driving experience has been discussed previously so I am concentrating here on the practicalities of this particular motor. A small, but significant problem for me, is the stitching on the inside rim of the steering wheel. The particular thread used stands out from the wheel and irritates your thumbs as you drive. This might just be how I rest my thumbs on the wheel but over a longer journey can become rather annoying. The next issue is one that has more significance, especially during the winter. The windscreen washer bottle does not have a large enough capacity for ease of use. At around 2ltr you will find yourself filling the reservoir around once a week or risking running out when you need it most. For the less tall amongst us, the size and weight of the bonnet can make refilling the tank an awkward procedure and one which will have to be repeated more often than not. Next, it’s time to discuss the integrated stereo and large screen.

An excellent sounding stereo with decent connectivity.

The sound itself is excellent as are the connectivity options with Bluetooth for your phone and contacts, USB and Aux in. The problems are small but significant, especially when it comes to controlling the different options whilst driving. My main concern is the number of steps that you have to go through when completing a simple task such as changing radio stations from FM to AM. Rather than pressing one button or turning the central button once, you need to click, click and click again and if you wish to return the screen to the phone for example, you have to click in the reverse order. This can be quite distracting when driving so it is best to select what you need before setting off. I’m sure that these steps could and should be simplified. The lack of Bluetooth music streaming is an omission but compensated with the Aux in so at least those of us with our music collections on our phones are catered for. I just wish that the control system was more intuitive. Although there are a few other minor irritations it is these few issues that impact most significantly on the driving experience. I leave you with this information to consider and now pass you over to the council for the defence.

Hello good men and women of the jury. You’ve had to listen to the case for the prosecution and they have put forward a compelling case but I ask you now to cast that information aside and listen to the case for the defence. When I have finished I’m sure that you’ll agree that the positive aspects of the Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Energy far out way the few niggles highlighted by my learned colleague. The feeling of space that you get whilst sitting inside this model Corsa is fantastic, the large expanse of glass allows the cabin to feel fresh and airy for both front and back passengers and gives the driver excellent all round visibility. The steering is light and responsive allowing you to place the car wherever needed and matched with the positive gearbox and visibility makes for an easy car to control whether driving on the motorway, country lanes or parking at the local supermarket. As a family car the Corsa, especially this particular edition, offers exceptional value for money coming in at around £10000 with over £500 of extras, free insurance and a contribution towards your first years petrol. With the latest model having been recently released the prices for last years shape are well worth looking into. The boot comes in at 285 litres with the seats up and 1100 litres with the rear seats folded down and is easy to fill when out shopping as the lip of the boot is quite low. Economy is good, averaging out at around 45mpg with mixed use, there is no MOT for the first three years, servicing costs are more than reasonable and Vauxhall’s lifetime warranty provides the family on a budget with a car that should provide many years of driving pleasure for a more than reasonable cost. I leave it to you, the jury to draw your own conclusions from all that you have heard today and previously regarding this Corsa. You must decide what is important for you and judge against this criteria. Thank you.

In my opinion this JCT600 http://www.jct600.co.uk/brands/vauxhall/find-us/vauxhall-bradford/1244/dealershipdetails.aspx Special Edition 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa is an excellent buy for the budget conscious family. It is stylish, looks modern, has great features and can cope with both town, rural and motorway driving. There are, of course, a few issues but I don’t believe that these are more than minor irritations and should certainly not affect the overall enjoyment of this practical, ‘real world’ motor.

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