What ever it is that’s going on at MG these days must be working and I’d most definitely like some at MotorMartin towers as the good news just keeps on coming. MG Motor UK have passed on that they are understandably thrilled to have reached 3,000 registrations for 2015 before the year-end.

Back on the 15th December, the British manufacturer exceeded last year’s figures by almost 1,000, and this year’s figure has already surpassed 2013 and 2014 registrations combined. The increase in sales has been as a result of great deals, a continual expansion of the dealer network, and an ever-growing awareness of the brand.


Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said: “We are delighted to have reached 3,000 registrations for this year. It is such a rewarding moment to exceed previous years, and we strongly believe that next year will be no exception; particularly with the 2016 MG3 and arrival of our new and exciting SUV.

“I would like to thank our dealer network for their continued efforts; it’s fantastic to be working with people who are so supportive of MG and always work hard to promote the brand.”

MG has been running some great deals throughout the year, with the most successful being the minimum £2,000 part-exchange offer. This deal, along with a fantastic product range that offers plenty of specification, contributed to the record registrations during what is typically a quieter time of year for car sales.

MotorMartin is certainly looking forward to getting behind the wheel of both the MG6 and MG3 in the new year as well as giving the new SUV the full, MotorMartin treatment.

Another MotorMartin pat on the back then for MG Motor UK.

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