MotorMartin has been very impressed with Land Rover’s new lease of design life that was kick started with the launch of the Evoque back in 2011, yet it’s still surprising to find out that Land Rover has been manufacturing authentic 4x4s that represent true breadth of capability across the model range since 1948. Defender, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover Evoque each define the world’s 4×4 sectors. Land Rover themselves are rightly proud of the fact that their products are currently sold in approximately 180 global markets.

Of interest to the many owners of the Land Rover Freelander 1, especially since the new Discovery Sport is essentially a direct replacement for the latest Freelander, is whether their model is still to be supported by Land Rover themselves. Produced between 1997 and 2006, the Land Rover Freelander 1 remains one of the brand’s best-selling models and is now officially a Land Rover Heritage vehicle. Land Rover Heritage specialises in cars, services, parts and experiences for classic Land Rover models and the Freelander 1 becomes the brand’s eighth Heritage model. The others are Series I, II and III, Range Rover Classic and P38 Range Rover plus Discovery 1 and 2. Excellent news for the longevity of the many Freelanders still driving along the highways and byways of the World, searching out adventure where others fear to tread.


For those owners unsure about what this means to them, Land Rover have explained to MotorMartin that a Heritage model is defined as a product that has been out of production for longer than 10 years and the Freelander 1 was first produced in 1997 and its production run ended nine years later in 2006 when Freelander 2 replaced it. Ever since production of Freelander 1 concluded, Land Rover continued to support owners through the supply of spare parts. Now, owners will be supported by the brand’s Heritage experts and ensure loyal owners continue to enjoy their vehicle for many years to come.

Amazingly, over 9,000 individual Land Rover Heritage Part numbers are available for the Freelander 1 and it adds to the brand’s comprehensive parts catalogue, which already features over 33,000 items for both Jaguar and Land Rover Heritage vehicles.


When sharing this information, Tim Hannig, Director, Jaguar Land Rover Heritage, said: “With the addition of the Freelander 1 as a Heritage model, Land Rover is reaffirming its support and commitment to its loyal customers by providing exceptional cars, services, parts and experiences for models more than 10 years out of production. Genuine Land Rover Heritage Parts for Freelander 1 have been engineered and tested in extreme conditions. As such it gives our customers total peace-of-mind that their vehicles are maintained to the highest possible standards.”

When it was launched, the Freelander broke the mould by pioneering the compact premium 4×4 class and at the time had 16 patented features including Hill Descent Control (HDC), Immediate Reduction Drive (IDR), a viscous-coupling (VCU) and an innovative ABS system designed specifically for off-road situations. Has it really been so long since the Freelander 1 was introduced with its brief to inject new life and accessibility to the brand?

Will the Evoque or Discovery Sport be confirmed as a Heritage model in the future? Only time will tell but if current trends continue then there is no reason to doubt it. All in all, it’s another landmark event in the life of the Freelander 1 and gains the Land Rover a well deserved MotorMartin well done.

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