MINI are justifiably proud to announce to MotorMartin that their MINI 5-door Hatch has been awarded Best Compact SME Company Car in Business Car Manager’s SME Company Car of the Year awards 2016.


Judged against its competitors by an independent panel, the 5-door Cooper D Hatch was recognised by the experts for its low CO2 emissions of just 95 g/km, translating into low running costs for and high residual values for business drivers. MotorMartin has discussed before how important economy and emissions are to the consumer and has suggested that this information is now becoming an important part of the car buying decision. Indeed figures such as those highlighted above can be the reason to chose the 5-door MINI Cooper D Hatch over a comparable motor from Ford, Volkswagen or Vauxhall etc.

Ralph Morton, editor, Business Car Manager, shared with MotorMartin the following, “Not only does the MINI have emotional appeal by the bucketload, but it now has the practicality to make it count in business terms. But it’s not just the practicality that counts – it’s the running cost numbers behind it.” before adding, “For the company car driver, there’s all the benefits of driving a MINI, but none of the financial burden with company car tax from under £50 a month. So the MINI 5-door Hatch proves a winner on all levels.”

Introduced to the market in September 2014, MINI 5-door Hatch symbolises the brand’s renewed focus on attracting corporate customers. Sporting two extra rear doors, the MINI 5-door also has improved legroom, a third rear seat and a larger boot for improved practicality. All aspects that will no doubt appeal to readers of with it’s Focus on ‘real life’ motoring.

James Morrison, Corporate Development Manager at MINI UK also shared the following, “We are extremely pleased to be taking home the award for Best Compact SME Company Car. MINI Cooper D 5-door Hatch is a great family car and a practical offering for business customers. We have seen the 5-door Hatch grow in popularity since its launch, particularly within the all-important corporate and fleet market.”


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It just remains to add a coveted MotorMartin well done to all those involved in getting the MINI 5-door up and running.

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