So MotorMartin was sifting through the motoring news arriving at MotorMartin Towers this week when the following news turned up. Now I haven’t heard of My Car Check before but I shall certainly be having a look at their website as it turns out that their valuation experts reveal significant trends in the UK market and choose a car and bike of the month…


Head of Valuation Services at My Car Check, Gavin Amos, shared with MotorMartin the following: “The Honda Civic is often overlooked in favour of the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra, but it drives well, competes in terms of emissions and fuel consumption, and can be a great fit for those wanting something a bit different. Check to make sure the one you’re looking at is clear of finance and not previously written-off, especially the very rapid Sport variants.” with the Civic representing Honda against the aforementioned Ford, Volkswagen and Vauxhall you just know that it’ll be built extremely well and be ultra reliable in the manner that Honda pride themselves with.

As to market trends, Amos said: “Part exchanges against new March plate models will provide a welcome influx of varied stock for the used market. Meanwhile, there are some interesting battles shaping up in the new market. Will Toyota’s long association with hybrid technology give the new RAV4 the edge over the likes of Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail?How big a slice of the pie will the new Mercedes-Benz GLC grab from established performers like the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Discovery Sport?” I like the cut of his jib.


On the motorbike, scooter and moped sector, My Car Check’s Rob Hobson said: “The Triumph Speed Triple has always hit the mark as a fantastic road bike and the 2016 model is the best yet. They’ve improved it in virtually every department, notably in build quality and finish. A well maintained Speed Triple of any age can represent great value. Just check to make sure the one you’re looking at is what it claims to be, especially when buying privately.”

As to market trends, Hobson said: “The bike market is still a bit sluggish, with cold snaps reminding everyone that spring is not quite upon us yet.  Easter is often seen as the real start of the biking year, and once the race season gets underway we will have a better feel for how the market is likely to progress. Overall, most used bike values have remained pretty firm over winter and the arrival of warmer weather should see this continuing.”

CDL Vehicle Information Services, which owns My Car Check, performs over a million look-ups a day for companies including AutoExpress, CompareTheMarket, Go-Compare, Moneysupermarket, Swiftcover, Tesco and WhatCar?.

It uses up-to-the-minute data from the police, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and major finance houses, including Lloyds TSB and Santander.

To help UK consumers make the right choice, My Car Check can confirm in seconds whether your potential pride and joy has ever been scrapped, stolen or written-off, has any money owing on it, has had a plate or colour change and much more.

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