In this, the very first Motorcycling related post to be published by MotorMartin it is wonderful to see that Suzuki has reconfirmed it’s commitment to keeping some of it’s older, classic models on the road by adding the TL1000S to its Vintage Parts Programme. Suzuki have also listened to their customers feedback and have made it even easier for customers to order parts, with owners now able to order all available components through its own eBay store. Great news for those involved with the maintenance and restoration of some of the instantly recognisable motorcycles previously released by Suzuki throughout their history.


The TL1000S is one of a number of iconic machines included on the store as part of Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme, along with the likes of the RGV250, GT750, and the original GSX-R750F.

Launched in 2013, Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme is aimed at making owning, maintaining, and restoring classic machines from Suzuki’s history even easier, by listing parts still available, as well as making service and owners manuals available to download. So there really is no excuse left for leaving that ageing V-Twin in the shed at the bottom of the garden. Get it out into the sunshine, strip it down and give Suzuki a call.


Sharing with MotorMartin, Suzuki GB Aftersales Marketing Co-ordinator, Tim Davies, said, “The Vintage Parts Programme was devised to make life easier for owners and customers. We know how popular eBay is when it comes to searching for parts, so it made sense for us to go to where customers were searching. I think owners are sometimes surprised or don’t realise how many genuine parts are still available to buy new. Listing them on our own eBay store is just an evolution of the idea that started the Vintage Parts Programme; making the sourcing and purchasing of parts as easy as possible for owners.”

Models featured on the Vintage Parts includes the RGV250 VJ21, AP50, GT250 X7, GT750 ‘Kettle’, GSX-R750F-H, GS1000SN, TL1000S, and GSX-R1100L. What a list of bikes, it reads like a veritable who’s who of Suzuki’s greats and the types of machines that MotorMartin used to covert from the seat of slightly less glamorous machinery.

For more information on Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme, visit


Find Suzuki on eBay, here.

So, in what is hoped to be the first in a new line of motorcycle news, it’s a MotorMartin well done to Suzuki, for committing to keeping their heritage looking great and running beautifully.

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