The new Kia Sportage has only been on sale for a short while here in the UK but Kia has already seen the Sportage enter the Top Ten UK best-sellers as the all-new model enjoyed its first month on sale, shared Kia with MotorMartin this week.


Kia had a clear hit on their hands with the previous model and had to be very careful when it came to improving on an already winning design after all, it was important that owners of the previous generation didn’t feel isolated and yet would hopefully look to the next model as a logical place to go at some point in the future. The difficulty then is how to strike that fine balance between referencing the past yet still providing a bright new future, keeping existing customers happy whilst attracting new consumers to the brand. Difficult in any circumstances.

However, with 2,889 new cars delivered to customers in February I think that it’s safe to say that Kia is most definitely keeping all of the relevant parties happy. Kia has seen its market share reach 3.46 per cent and for the first two months of 2016 the brand recorded a sales figure of 7,955 – a 3.14 per cent market share. Impressive figures indeed.

Astonishingly, in its first month on sale the Sportage contributed to a stunning performance with 1,521 vehicles delivered to customers and dealers reporting huge demand for March deliveries. More than 5,000 customer orders have been placed since the latest generation of Kia’s stand-out compact SUV hit showrooms on 5 February.

Kia were also keen to point out to MotorMartin that their February sales total was up almost 25 per cent on last year’s figure of 2,334 and in the first two months of the year Kia outperformed the 2015 figure of 7,248 by almost 10 per cent to reach 7,955 vehicles delivered to customers. Healthy figures that show the continued faith that buyers are putting into the brand.

Paul Philpott, President and Chief Executive of Kia Motors (UK) Limited shared with MotorMartin the following: ”We have been delighted at the customer response to the all-new Sportage. We knew it was a handsome, modern and high-quality product and clearly both existing Sportage-owners and customers new to the brand agree with us.” Before continuing with, “Our dealers have been swamped by demand for the car with the high-specification trim versions being particularly popular. It is remarkable that Sportage has entered the UK’s Top Ten as the new car has enjoyed its first month on sale and I am confident that we shall see its performance maintained throughout 2016,” he added.


Part of the reason for the incredible success of The all-new Sportage can be attributed to the variety present within the range as it features 18 variants of the Sportage with four engines and three transmissions. Prices are also extremely competative ranging from £17,995 to £31,645. Full details are available at

It just remains to give Kia a deserved MotorMartin well done and it’s safe to say that it’s going to be interesting to see where this new found confidence takes us.

Where will you go.

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