Regular readers will no doubt have read MotorMartin’s first impressions of the MG3 and the full report of the MG6 and been suitably impressed with the two cars. The problem recently though, has been the coverage of MG dealers across the UK. There have been too many gaps and MotorMartin gets the impression that this is still a limiting factor for some people already swayed by MG’s great incentive packages.

MG Motor UK had identified this area of their rapid expansion as one aspect of the business that still needs to be concentrated on. It was therefore excellent news to read the following after it arrived here at MotorMartin Towers.

MG Motor UK have announced that: with almost 50 years family history behind it, a passion for working with the community and giving their customers the best service, MG Motor UK is thrilled to welcome Bunning of Wolverhampton as its newest dealer. 


The family run business, we are told, which is owned by Aaron Bunning and his grandfather, Dennis, was established in 1967. Since then, Aaron, operating as a sole independent trader, has worked incredibly hard with his team to build it up to the company it now is.

Aaron shared with MotorMartin that: “We are really looking forward to representing a British brand that is so recognised. Once we heard everything about MG and got to know the brand and its customers more, we knew we wanted to work with a manufacturer that is only going to continue to grow more and more.”


Aaron was keen, after joining the business three years ago, to make the dealer stand out amongst all those in the surrounding area by doing something different. He already believes they stand out by delivering a warm, family feel and true teamwork to deliver the best to each customer, yet he was looking for more so Aaron decided to start supporting a local cause; ‘The Way Youth Zone’.

Aaron said: “The Way is a fantastic place for eight to 25-year-olds to spend their time and get off the streets. I raised almost £400 for them last year and they were so pleased, as we were the first business to give them money. From then on I knew I wanted to continue supporting them and I haven’t stopped since. I’m so pleased that they will be coming to our launch event in April.” It’s so refreshing to hear about businesses that want to support others in their own locality and is another reason why Bunning of Wolverhampton deserve to do well.

Not only does Bunning support the community, it also makes sure all its customers are given the best service with a bit of fun thrown in too.

Aaron also let MotorMartin know that: “We run a monthly track day for our customers to let them play around in their cars, gain driving guidance and expertise from professionals as well as having a fun day out.” In MotorMartin’s experience, the MG3 and 6 handle so well that they deserve their chance out on the circuit.

Aaron’s passion for the track stems from his grandfather, who used to race motorbikes. In his spare time Aaron races MGs and is planning to put his race car on display at the showroom launch in April.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said to MotorMartin that: “It’s fantastic to be welcoming Aaron and his team to the MG dealer network. It’s always great when we find a dealer that does something a little bit different to engage its customers and attract more. We’re really looking forward to working with Bunning and the passion they bring.”


With the passion for the job and wider community writ large in the work of Bunning of Wolverhampton they deserve the support of MG Motor UK and MotorMartin. This partnership will also plug some more of the gaps in MG’s network and is further confirmation of the commitment of MG Motor UK to get everything right before the launch of the new MG GS.

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