Hot on the heels of the ŠKODA Superb’s continued success the following information fell onto the news desk here at MotorMartin Towers.

ŠKODA would like everyone to know that they have now produced the one millionth third-generation Octavia and that this particular milestone vehicle ran off the assembly line at ŠKODA’s main factory in Mladá Boleslav recently. Since the model was introduced in 1996, the Czech carmaker has produced five million Octavias in total. A quite staggering amount.


ŠKODA have shared with MotorMartin that this is the most successful ŠKODA model ever and is considered the ‘heart of the brand.’

In fact, manufacturing one million third-generation ŠKODA Octavias underscores the success of the vehicle on the international markets. ŠKODA have confirmed that the Octavia sets standards in its class and is the largest, safest, most practical and comfortable Octavia ever. More than any other ŠKODA model, the Octavia symbolises the brand’s rapid rise over the past two decades. Five million ŠKODA Octavias have been manufactured in total since 1996.


Of course the third-generation ŠKODA Octavia is more diverse than ever as it needs to be to compete in a difficult sector. The Octavia hatch and estate are available with front-wheel and all-wheel drive. The ŠKODA Octavia RS is the fastest series-produced Octavia of all time. The ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC with natural gas drive and the ŠKODA Octavia Scout, a robust all-rounder with impressive off-road qualities, debuted in 2014. In addition, the exclusive ŠKODA Octavia L&K is available in Europe.


ŠKODA have confirmed to MotorMartin that there are a wide range of model versions and outstanding product features in their award winning Octavia and that it is not only in the markets that the Octavia has been a hit as professional motoring journalists have also praised ŠKODA’s bestseller. In recent years, the vehicle has received more than 50 international awards. The model has also won out in numerous comparison tests.

This third generation of the Octavia was launched on the market in 2013 and yet, familiarity means it feels like it’s been around for much longer. ŠKODA sat that most Octavia models are produced at the main plant in Mladá Boleslav. In addition to production in the Czech Republic, the ŠKODA Octavia runs off the assembly lines in China, Russia, India and Kazakhstan. As ŠKODA’s largest individual market, China plays a crucial role for both the brand and the model. The ŠKODA Octavia was launched in China in May 2014. Since then, the compact-class vehicle has been produced at SAIC Volkswagen’s factory in Ningbo.

In 2015 alone, 432,300 vehicles from the Octavia model series were sold around the world, which is around 11% more Octavia models than the previous year. ŠKODA delivered 70,500 Octavias to customers in the first two months of this year.

I think you’ll agree that these figures are really quite staggering and offer strong customer feed as to the models continued success. Well done ŠKODA.

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