Anyone looking for a vehicular day out that’s a little different from the standard shows could do worse than checking out the following news regarding one of the newest show ideas, the Wilton Wake-Up. Introduced in 2013, the Wilton Wake-Ups organisers have explained to MotorMartin, that it gives car and motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to display their own wheels, look at other interesting vehicles and talk to fellow like-minded petrol heads for free, all based within the picturesque grounds of Wilton House, Wiltshire. Rather lovely, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Following the success of these established events, the organisers have sensibly decided to keep to the same popular format for the 2016 Wilton Wake-Ups season, with each free-to-attend gathering themed to attract a certain type of vehicle, held on a Sunday summer morning, once a month, starting on Sunday 24 April. So not too long to wait.
The selected theme for the first 2016 Wilton Wake-Up on 24 April is ‘GT Touring Greats.’  There has long been an endless debate about what makes a GT and what doesn’t. Strictly speaking, a GT should have rear seats, but Wilton is unlikely to turn away a genuine Ford GT40, for example, so car owners don’t need to be shy at the first Wake-Up of the year: if they’ve got a GT or 2+2 that’s interesting, they will be most welcome to bring it along!

The remaining five themes for the 2016 Wilton Wake-Up summer season, MotorMartin has been told, have also been painstakingly considered to ensure an interesting array of rare, exciting and unusual machinery in attendance as well – as summarised below – for an informal Sunday morning get-together, giving the perfect excuse for an enjoyable early morning road run to Lord Pembroke’s beautiful home, with a rewarding breakfast, available at a sensible price, awaiting their arrival.
It’s certainly worth noting that if you’re intending to get along then from 8am onwards, Wilton Wake-Up visitors that arrive in or on a suitable themed car or motorcycle will be parked in or around Wilton’s spectacular quadrangle. Other attendees can also enjoy the gathering of automotive treasures and their enthusiastic owners. If a visitor’s vehicle isn’t quite ‘on-theme’ they can bring that too, but it might be parked just slightly further away.

The organisers have shared with MotorMartin that the Wake-Up morning is free for all to come and enjoy, and on Wilton House Open days, visitors may also stay-on and explore the spectacular grounds and the House itself for a small charge, once the Wake-Up event has finished (more details at 

The Wilton Wake-Ups are organised by the same team who run the popular Wilton Classic and Supercar (WCS) event. The WCS is Lord Pembroke’s annual celebration of high performance cars and classic vehicles, which is set for a dramatic re-launch in 2017, following a one-off resting for 2016 to enable the entire format and philosophy of this annual spectacle to be re-developed and re-imagined. 
Exciting on-going developments for the all-new 2017 WCS will be announced on an on-going basis over the coming months, with the first step being the introduction of the new logo to more accurately reflect the major revisions is process for this event. A dedicated new WCS event website is currently under development, but the Wake-Ups are communicated on a new holding page at

2016 Wilton Wake-Up Dates and Themes:

Sunday 24 April (House and Grounds Closed)
Theme: GT Touring Greats
Eligibility: Performance Coupés and 2+2s

Sunday 22 May
Theme: Franco-Italian furore
Eligibility: French and Italian icons

Sunday 26 June
Theme: Roof-down Rendezvous
Eligibility: Convertibles & Roadsters

Sunday 24 July
Theme: Supercar meets Superbike
Eligibility: Ultimate High Performance cars and ‘bikes

Sunday 28 August
Theme: The Comfy Choice
Eligibility: Grande Routier and Luxury cars

Sunday 25 September (House and Grounds Closed)
Theme: X-Box and Supertouring!
Eligibility: Performance Saloons & Coupés

So there you have it, classic cars in a beautiful, classic setting. All the events need are a cast iron guarantee of sunshine and I can’t imagine a much better way to start a Sunday. It’s most definitely a MotorMartin well done for the organisers of the Wilton Wake-ups and I hope that 2016 brings you further success.

Where will you go?

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