One of the most exciting new car launches happening soon is surely that of the new MG GS SUV, a departure from both the MG3 and 6 and a step up into the world of the Crossover. After all, with both Bentley and Maserati launching their own SUVs recently, it is most definitely the time to launch. MG Motor UK have been drip feeding information to an eager audience for what seems like months and now they’re asking a very important question, “Do you want to see the MG GS before it launches? What if we told you that you could just by putting a headset on?”


MotorMartin is very excited to be able to bring you the news that, in a first for MG Motor UK, the manufacturer is making advances in technology by giving consumers the opportunity to see its highly anticipated SUV using augmented reality.

For those who aren’t familiar with this term, augmented reality is a way of superimposing virtual content into our everyday surroundings. This can be achieved with any electronic device that has a screen and a camera. Through clever technology, the device takes a photo of whatever you’re looking at and superimposes a 3D image onto it. You could be looking at a box that turns into a house or a new pair of shoes. According to MG Motor UK, in this instance, and more simply put, you can interact with the MG GS.

This weekend (Friday 1st April to Sunday 3rd April), at the Gadget Show in Birmingham and the first race in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) calendar, at Brands Hatch, MG Motor UK will be taking along its augmented reality kit allowing consumers to put on the headset and bring the MG GS to life before their very own eyes.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, shared with MotorMartin that: “We are really excited about using augmented reality to bring the GS to life. Before customers can get their hands on the real thing, we want to submerge them in a virtual environment and what better way to launch this than at the Gadget Show.”


Continuing, Matthew Cheyne said: “The kit we’re using is great and really allows you to explore the GS. You can open doors, fold down seats, open the boot and walk around it. When you’ve got the headset on, it recognises where you’re moving and updates the image in front of you, it’s so clever!”

If you want to get up close to the MG GS, take a look inside it and check out the boot space, this weekend is your chance. MotorMartin suggests that if you miss the opportunity this weekend, don’t worry; keep an eye out on MG’s social media pages for updates on the GS augmented reality tour and where you can find it. It’s well worth searching out.

To register your interest in the MG GS, and to receive all the latest information, visit the MG website

So then, it’s a rather innovative approach to bringing brand new products away from a select few journalists and into the hands of the people that really matter. You, the customer. Well done MG Motor UK, MotorMartin wishes you every success.

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