Thank goodness BMW has got an ear to the ground when it comes to fashion and have recognised that us Brits like nothing more than to kick back with a skinny latte whilst listening to the latest Jack Garratt vinyl. Bliss. In a move designed to surprise us all, MINI has whipped a fair-trade Peruvian cotton sheet off its latest model this April 1st, in Hoxton, London. Featuring Instagram filtered windows, Twin-deck cassette player and a fixed-gear drivetrain, the new MINI Hipster Hatch launched in April.


MINI contacted MotorMartin via sustainable means to announce the following regarding their latest model. Avant-garde and upcycled, the MINI Hipster Hatch is effortlessly stylish and the perfect companion for a spot of vintage clothes shopping, or indeed the odd trip to the market for artisan kale. 

Fortunately, Motorists no longer have to settle for the natural colour of their surroundings (#nofilter), thanks to the exclusive and fully adjustable Instagram filter on all exterior window glass. Live life in LO-FI. Or Clarendon. Or Crema. In fact, occupants can choose from 12 pre-loaded Instagram window filters and turn any journey into a nostalgic memory at the touch of a button. 

The new MINI Hipster Hatch has just one forward gear with a maximum speed of 25 mph. Taking inspiration from the ‘Fixie’ pedal bike, four of the forward gears have been removed to give the driver a greater feeling of control when popping out for a superfood smoothie. Yummie.


The stonewash denim upholstery means the four seater MINI Hipster Hatch is a match for even the tightest pair of jeans, allowing the driver and passengers to coordinate their outfits accordingly. Double denim is still to be regarded as a faux pas however and should not be tried under any circumstances.


For those worried about a lack of technology, let me put your minds at rest as inside a twin-deck cassette player harks back to when it was all about the music, allowing occupants to sidestep the mainstream with their own mixtapes. On the outside, MINI Hipster Hatch boasts alloy wheels carefully upcycled by hand from previous alloy wheels. 

“The MINI Hipster Hatch is like no other we’ve built before” shared Ivana Newcarr, senior external product launch experience curator at MINI UK, with MotorMartin, “Inspired by the kind of innovative thinking only found when you ignore the script and ask what those who refuse to be categorised want from a car – features like fixed gear drive, twin-deck cassette player, upcycled details and Instagram filtered windows to name but a few.” 


A limited number of MINI Hipster Hatch will be available, so if you’ve got FOMO*, head to today to find out more. MINI will soon become everybody’s favourite if they continue listening to what their customers want. Well done MINI.

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