MotorMartin has been following the fortunes of SsangYong since went live back in August of last year and has been consistently impressed with the various vehicles and offers introduced by SsangYong over that period of time.

The cars themselves have, according to reports, improved immeasurably and are deserving of a much wider audience than they perhaps have at this period in time. The Rexton, for example, is a go anywhere AWD SUV with modern styling and a very keen price see for Rexton news. In an increasingly crowded market place, manufacturers like SsangYong are beginning to get their message across to the consumer and with regular incentives being offered up, designed to increase footfall into the showroom, they’re beginning to see the fruits of their labour rewarded.

SsangYong have now made MotorMartin aware that following the sales success of its seven seat Turismo MPV in recent months, SsangYong Motor UK have increased their deliveries of cars, and is currently able to offer a ‘half price upgrade’ to customers selecting the next model up in the range.


Customers ordering the following cars now benefit from savings of up to £1,250.

The Turismo EX adds alloy wheels, leather upholstery, heated seats and privacy glass over the SE model – ‘Half price upgrade’: £1,000 Turismo EX auto adds the new 7-speed Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission – ‘Half price upgrade’ over the EX manual: £750 Turismo ELX auto adds 17” alloy wheels, 4×4, solar glass and automatic windscreen wipers – ‘Half price upgrade’ over an EX auto: £1,250, that really does make a good value MPV even better value for money and certainly gets the MotorMartin seal of approval.

Offering family and business users a car to transport seven adults together with their luggage, the SsangYong Turismo blends multi-role flexibility, a comfortable ride and the equipment of a luxury saloon and is almost without rival.

At over 5 metres long and with a 3 metre wheelbase, the car is larger than a standard sized MPV people carrier, and powered by a highly efficient 2.2 litre Euro 6 diesel engine. The Turismo also now offers the choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or new Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic.

The car provides a huge interior space which, SsangYong Motor UK point out, is where seven adults can travel in supreme comfort with their luggage loaded in the back, without having to compromise on passenger accommodation. There are three rows of seats as well as a large load space which can be further increased by removing the third row completely. This gives a massive load carrying capability of between 875 litres with seven adults seated, through to two adults and 3,146 litres of load space.


While rear wheel drive features on the SE and EX, the top of the range ELX includes selectable 4×4 with low ratio as standard. This makes the Turismo ELX a car you can rely on, and is especially safe and practical whether towing a caravan, horsebox or boat trailer, or when driving across a slippery field. All Turismo models have an impressive 2 tonne towing capability.

With a commitment to ‘real life’ value mixed in with quality engineering, the new Turismo, perhaps surprisingly, utilises double wishbone front suspension and rear independent multi-link suspension for executive saloon style ride quality. This set-up offers a quiet and comfortable driving environment with firm body control, a flat ride and optimum stability regardless of the road conditions.

It’s refreshing to be able to report on a manufacturer that is able to raise its game as its profile continues to rise impressively.

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