MotorMartin and Ford go back a long way, a white 2.0 Laser Capri was owned and loved, followed by a 1.6i Ghi Orion, twin grill mounted spotlights of course. Story’s from Ford are always greeted with a sense of excitement, especially the increased information being released regarding the all new Ford GT at the moment.

Rather than looking toward Ford’s future, MotorMartin is pleased to be able to look back into their past as the famous blue oval will be seen everywhere in Barons’ Sandown Park saleroom on April 30th, as Barons stages a dedicated Ford auction as part of the International Ford Show, details of which can already be found at

Barons have informed MotorMartin that they have a fine selection of entries that really showcase the diversity of the Ford offering over the decades, from charming little Anglias to potent, American-built muscle cars and from a 1949 Thames van to an F150 Supercharged pick-up originally owned by David Beckham.


For fans of large capacity V8s, Ford’s muscle car heritage will certainly make itself felt at Sandown Park. The iconic Mustang is represented by four examples, including a rare right-hand drive 1971 Convertible 302. Incredibly, this unique machine was built in Dearborn as a special order for the UK, as a New Year’s present for the MD of Ford. (£30,000-£34,000). The sale also includes a 1965, ex-ICS Series racing car which has run very successfully in the Aston Martin Owners Club Intermarque Challenge (£55,000-£70,000).


Other representatives of Ford’s production from the other side of ‘the pond’ include a mighty 1969 Talladega (£32,000-£35,000) a 1972 Gran Torino Sport (£9,000-£11,000) and a rare, RHD 1963 Galaxie 500 Convertible.  All chrome and sweeping lines, this is a fantastic cruising car (£8,000-£10,000).

Ford’s commercial vehicle and pick-up side is highlighted through a number of entries. The 2002 F150 Supercharged Harley Davidson edition pick-up is a relatively modern example, with the interesting provenance of having originally been owned by David Beckham (£10,000-£12,000).  The 1958 F1 SWB pick-up is highly original, almost ‘time-warp’ (£10,000-£12,000), while the 1958 Ranchero V8 pick-up is a spectacular example of 1950s fins and chrome styling (£11,000-£14,000). In contrast, the 1949 Thames Van E83W is a charismatic and very British little machine. It has just one owner on the V5C, and was recently discovered having been tucked away unused for 20 years (£12,000-£15,000).


Numerous variations on the Cortina theme are on offer at Barons, including two Crayford Convertible conversions (£18,000-£22,000 and £7,000-£9,000), a handsome 1977 Ghia Mk 4 (£3,500-£4,500), an exceptionally rare Cortina De Tomaso (£20,000-£25,000) and a superb 1963 Mk1 Consul Cortina (£7,000-£9,000).


Also to go under the hammer are two stately Consul Farnham Estates will also go under the hammer at Sandown Park. The 1960 example was supplied new to South Africa. It is highly original and in splendid condition (£17,000-£20,000). The 1957 Hi Line example is one of only two known to survive worldwide. It has an extremely rare Raymond Mays cylinder head and Handa overdrive (£17,000-£20,000).


Fans of Fiestas and Escorts won’t be disappointed either, with several on offer, from XR3i Cabriolets and RS Turbos to a sporty Fiesta XR2.


For more information or to consign a vehicle to the sale, please visit, email or call 08454 30 60 60.

MotorMartin can heartily recommend checking out Barons’ website link to this auction, but not if you’re in a hurry to be somewhere else. Planning your perfect Ford filled garage is not an easy task and is certainly a task that deserves your full attention.

If your one of the lucky ones who will be going along to the auction with the intention of bidding then please get in contact and share your purchases with MotorMartin. You know it makes sense.

Where will you go?.

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