‘Real life’ motoring is not just a fancy tag for MotorMartin but a mission statement for the site. MotorMartin provides news and reviews that provide information other than track times and cars with stratospheric values. Yet every now and again, for us car fans, it’s nice to see what technological marvels are waiting to filter down to the more mainstream manufacturers once we’re deemed worthy enough.

And so, in the spirit of advancement, MotorMartin is delighted to be able to share with you the following as a breath-taking collection of the world’s most exotic supercars will come together in a unique display at an all-new show for 2016.

The Supercar Paddock, supported by the Supercar Driver Club, will be a major highlight of The Fast Car Festival, which takes place at Donington Park, Derbyshire, on July 30-31 and has got to be worth a look.


MotorMartin has been told that the special display area, featuring cars that are together worth millions of pounds, will include icons from magnificent marques such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus and McLaren, as well as other extreme performance models from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.


Even more exciting is the news that amongst them will be some of the most valuable supercars of all time, including a £2-million Ferrari FXX Protoype, a Lamborghini Huracan and no less than four McLarens. Yes, four!

The show will also be well supported by PistonHeads, the online community for performance car fans. The UK-based portal for petrolheads is not only hosting one of its famous ‘Sunday Services’ on the second day of The Fast Car Festival, but will also be putting together a ‘PH Metal’ display bringing together the very best cars that represent the PistonHeads lifestyle.


The 20-car display will feature invited PistonHeads members’ rides, from hot hatches to hypercars, all in jaw-dropping condition.

Not content with simply putting on a show stopping static display, the boys and girls atPistonHeads will also be taking to the Donington circuit for a 30-car members’ track session, wheel-to-wheel, at high speed around the former GP circuit.


MotorMartin has been informed that The Fast Car Festival is a live, action-based event and will feature cars from all over the world, with the honoured marque for the inaugural event being Lotus, whose models will enjoy a special display area and exclusive track time. Yet as well as the cars, the focus is as much on having fun, with a live stage and a full-on festival atmosphere.

A retro paddock will also prove to be a big draw, featuring some of the most potent and aggressive performance and supercars of yesteryear, side-by-side with their modern equivalents, a display that is certain to be popular.

The high-octane event will see the famous Donington circuit alive with performance cars of all shapes, ages and sizes, being put through their paces to please the crowds. Be it classic, retro, current or future, if it’s fast and has four wheels, then it will be found at The Fast Car Festival.

Show goers will also be able to take their own vehicle out in a number of public track sessions. There’s also the chance for an unforgettable thrill ride, by hopping into the passenger seat of some of the world’s fastest and rarest supercars for a few adrenaline-filled laps of the former F1 circuit.

The Fast Car Festival is brought to you by the team behind the world famous TRAX and Japfest events and looks set to be one of the most entertaining, original and enthralling shows in 2016.

Tickets are available now at with discounts for earlybird customers, saving up to £5 on the gate price or £10 on a weekend camping pass.

It’s going to be a great day.

Where will you go?

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