2016 Volkswagen Tiguan SE NAV 2.0 TDI: Good Day Sunshine


The 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan SE NAV 2.0 TDI, to give this classy SUV it’s full name is certainly a handsome looking beast. Anyone familiar with the VW family will surely recognise the overall silhouette as being immediately relatable to the famous Golf and the associated quality of bodywork is plain to see. And yet, I’m ashamed to say that MotorMartin must start this review with somewhat of an apology as, like many of you out there in the world of ‘real life’ motoring, I had preconceived ideas and notions about the products available from Volkswagen themselves. Namely that perhaps they weren’t the most exciting cars to look at or be in. Yes we always hear about VW’s inherent quality but aren’t they just a little bit dull?

And so there I was, on the forecourt of Audi Crewe waiting for my Tiguan to arrive. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, MotorMartin was able to see how a dealership under the stewardship of the Swansway Group umbrella perform under pressure. Now bearing in mind MotorMartin had arrived around 18:15 on a Friday evening, just 45 mins before closing and yet the staff at Crewe Audi 01270 419055 could not have been more helpful. Indeed, the Fleet director of @swanswaygroup Sarah Eccles gave up her own time to help. Now if the Swansway Group work like this for someone who’s not even a customer, then I think it’s safe to say that their customer service is surely second to none. In the position that MotorMartin finds himself these days it is extremely refreshing to know that those looking for a new, or high quality used car can rely on the Swansway Group 01270 419061 to provide them with a truly superior service.


Problem solved and back then to the Tiguan. Walking around this impressive SUV it’s immediately apparent that Volkswagen have looked at keeping what was great about the previous edition and added only what will improve the experience for the customer. Looking at the classy front end, set of beautifully by the dark metallic paint that really shimmers as the sun hits it, and you’re immediately drawn to the upper and lower chrome strip that blends seamlessly into the Halogen clear front headlights. It’s quite clear that if this much time has been spend on just two strips of chrome so that they look just right then the rest of the car is going to be equally impressive.

As with most SUVs the bonnet is set high with a large, aggressive grill, split in half by the line of the bumper with a larger grill underneath integrating the front fog lights. MotorMartin definitely approves. The side of the VW, at first, appeared quite flat and generic to the breed but I urge you to spend a little more time looking, as I did, where more of the careful thought and design almost creeps up on you, it’s as if the Tiguan is daring you to ignore it and to do so would be at your own peril. Looking along the VW’s haunches, glinting in the sunlight is a strip of chrome that runs the length of both front and rear door and draws the eye along it towards the rear of the vehicle. Muscular, bulging wheel arches encompass the 18″ ‘Kingston’ alloy wheels which contrast superbly with the dark paintwork and really stand out. The wheels themselves are a £150.00 option but one which MotorMartin feels is well worth the investment.

The metalwork of the door curves inwards slightly along the line of the handles which in turn disappear and yet, somehow still accentuate the strong crease running along the length of the car before merging with the stylish rear lights as they bend around the rear of the VW. One joy created by this strong profile is the amazing shape of the rear filler cover which, somehow, follows the lines of the car superbly. Is this the famous Volkswagen attention to detail mentioned earlier. As with most high end vehicles the Tiguan sports a thin line of chrome work curving elegantly around the side windows whilst the privacy glass at the rear adds that extra something to the overall view.

Before we leave the looks, there’s just time to mention my own favourite part of the design work. Those rear lights are just immense. I can imagine an entire department working for months on just this one aspect of the design. Working until it was just right. The mix of shapes, lines and LEDs looks superb in MotorMartin’s eyes and dare I say, just a little bit classy. Perhaps that’s it. I’ve never taken the time before to really judge the well designed style manufactured into Volkswagen’s products. This Tiguan, particularly with this dark metallic paintwork is certainly well proportioned and full of intricate, well designed shapes. The car exudes a sense of quality and here, in the beautifull village of Heath, West Yorkshire, the Tiguan is clearly more than the sum of it’s parts. It looks just about perfect.

And Volkswagen themselves want us to get on board with their SUV. The advert provided by VW from their own YouTube channel shows us how up to date this all new Tiguan is, and yet there’s no sense that this is also an extremely competent off roader in AWD form. So what are we to make of Volkswagen’s emphasis here? Certainly that VW feel the Tiguan is a ‘real life’ motorcar that fits MotorMartin’s philosophy perfectly after all, what could be more everyday than taking a sibling to the school gates, but perhaps more importantly, that the looks of this medium sized SUV are extremely important. This is a car that is seriously cool. The time spent by VW boffins on the styling of the Tiguan has been just as important as the that used on the rest of the car. Volkswagen need to appeal to the MotorMartin’s of this green and pleasant land, those that aspire to own such a classy looking and, let’s be honest for a moment here, cool looking vehicle.

Volkswagen have, in MotorMartin’s opinion, been quite canny with this one. VW SUV fans will already know how the Tiguan will perform, both on and off road and will be well versed in the design queues of a modern Volkswagen and potential customers looking for their first SUV, will be impressed by the subtle design touches married to the well proportioned, muscular and thoroughly modern looking Tiguan. An excellent job Volkswagen which is deserving of a MotorMartin well done.

Don’t forget to check back later to read Part 2, where MotorMartin will be looking at the fantastic technology present in the Tiguan and the driving experience that this SUV delivers out there on real roads. Does the Tiguan then offer ‘real life’ motoring? There’s only one way to find out.

Where will you go?

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