If you’re over a certain age and enjoy Motorsport then I think it’s safe to say that you’ll know something of that motorcycling hero, the one and only Barry Sheene, a genius on a bike and charismatic character off of one. Barry Sheene is the name that the majority of non motorcyclists have all heard of, such was his exuberance and fame and it’ll be a long time before a new Motorcycle racer reaches across the divide quite as Barry managed. Brut anyone?

So it was with particular interest that MotorMartin received the following news up in the top room, here at MotorMartin Towers where Suzuki have let it be known that Barry Sheene’s 1976 and 1977 world championship-winning race bikes have arrived at Suzuki GB, ahead of the Barry Sheene festival at Oliver’s Mount next month and as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of Sheene’s first world title. Fantastic.

Suzuki have confirmed to MotorMartin that the bikes have been shipped directly from Australia to the UK for a number of events in the UK this year, and will be on display at the festival at Oliver’s Mount to celebrate the achievements of Suzuki and arguably Britain’s greatest world champion. 

For those that don’t know the incredible road course that is Oliver’s Mount, I seriously recommend that you click on the link above and spend some time on their fantastic website. The track itself is incredible and if you’re lucky enough to the visit when there are classic racing motorcycles present then you’re in for a treat as the design of the course somehow amplifys the distinct crackle of a historic racer as it travels around the course. Like a tiny Isle of Man, spectators can get incredibly close to the action, so much so that you can feel the bikes as they scorch past. For MotorMartin, a trip to Oliver’s Mount is also a trip back through time and I absolutely love it.

Suzuki GB’s Tim Davies, shared with MotorMartin that, “With it being 40 years since Barry’s first world title, this year’s festival marks a very special anniversary, which is why we wanted to be a part of this event for a second consecutive year to celebrate such an occasion. The event at Oliver’s Mount is always a good one, but we decided to step it up a notch for this year’s event, and the display of the two championship-winning bikes is the first time that they have been displayed together at such an event in the UK.

Also on display at the festival will be a collection of classic Suzuki road bikes, including the GSX-R750F that was restored at Motorcycle Live last year, and the TL1000S that was built from brand new parts the year before, highlighting Suzuki’s commitment to its Vintage Parts Programme

Tim Davies added, “Alongside Sheene’s race bikes the GSX-R750F and TL1000S will be displayed and information available on our Vintage Parts Programme, which now has nine bikes listed and is dedicated to helping owners of more classic Suzuki machinery restore and maintain them with genuine parts.”

Scott Beaumont, Oliver’s Mount’s Marketing Director, informed MotorMartin that, “Suzuki’s commitment to the Barry Sheene festival at Oliver’s Mount is absolutely fantastic and for them to step it up again this year by displaying Barry Sheene’s actual race winning machines is every road racing fan’s dream. This could be the only opportunity in our lifetime that we see these machines and we are very proud that Suzuki has chosen Oliver’s Mount to display them.”

The Barry Sheene Festival will take place at Oliver’s Mount on 23-24 July, 2016. For more information visit as recommended by MotorMartin.

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Well done then to Suzuki GB and Oliver’s Mount. Whatever hurdles you’ve had to jump through have been worth it. Race fans that are lucky enough to get along to Oliver’s Mount and MotorMartin thank you for your continued commitment to Barry and his incredible achievements.

Where will you go?

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