For those of you not aware of MGs history and of their resurgence as a manufacturer, let me give you a quick crash course. The iconic British MG brand can trace its history back to 1924 and is world famous for making stylish cars that are fun to drive and own and are sold at remarkably affordable prices. Modern MGs, which are designed, engineered and finally assembled in Longbridge, Birmingham, continue this long and rich MG tradition. 

MG Motor UK currently has three models, all of which are designed and engineered at Longbridge, Birmingham: the MG3, a fun to drive, excitingly styled city car with bags of space and specification, the MG6, a fastback styled, generously equipped mid sized hatchback and now, the manufacturer’s first SUV, the MG GS. There are also several more models planned for the immediate and longer-term future. For extra information regarding MG Motor UK and MotorMartin’s extensive road tests of the MG3 and MG6 please click here

And now we get to the next stage in the evolution of MG as a manufacturer and a viable alternative to the more mainstream Ford and Vauxhall, the MG GS. The GS is MG Motor UK’s first SUV and has been designed to be a family, fun, affordable car. With bags of space, a 1.5 turbo petrol engine, the option of manual or 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) and tons of spec for as little as £14,995, this SUV certainly stands out amongst others in its class and offers the consumer fantastic specifications at extremely competitive prices for each model.

And so we come to the following news that MG Motor UK is bringing this new MG GS to people nationwide as part of its regional test drive tour which, in MotorMartin’s opinion is a fantastic idea. Once you’re stood next to the GS you really get a sense of what MG Motor UK wanted to achieve with the GS. Styling wise there’s a clear link to both the MG3 and MG6 with the front grill and daytime LEDs being particularly standout features and overall, the proportions look fantastic.

The MG GS, MotorMartin has been told, is over halfway through its tour of the country, where the MG team has been taking it to the public, in various locations, to give them the opportunity to have a drive and find out more about the newest addition. So far the MG GS has been to Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Huntingdon and Maidstone. 

Wherever they have been, the MG team has had great feedback with many drivers expressing interest in purchasing then and there, in fact seven sales quotes were prepared at Huntingdon for customers who were bowled over by the MG GS.

Having test driven the MG GS Exclusive DCT, Mr Webb said: “Simply, I could not in any way consider a repeat purchase of my existing model, not because I don’t enjoy it but at roughly £10,000 more than the GS, I’d simply be wasting my money. This is a car I’ve been waiting for and I’m very, very impressed.” 

Other comments have included:

“It drove exceptionally well, the handling was great – not at all what I expected from an SUV.”

“Really impressed with the engine and the pull away, even in 6th.”

“The boot space is very impressive and with the fold-flat seats, there’s plenty of space for my mountain bikes.”

“Very good handling, even down narrow lanes and uneven surfaces I felt this car would get me on my way no bother.”

And it’s comments such as these that lead MotorMartin to think that MG Motor UK have, once again, hit the nail on the head when it comes to their all new GS SUV as they’ve delivered exactly what the customer wants with their desire to offer practicality, great styling and phenomenal specifications whilst still giving exceptional value for money.

MG have also informed MotorMartin that over 200 people will have driven the new SUV when it concludes its tour next week and that the remaining locations are Birmingham (MG Sales Centre, Longbridge) on Saturday 2 July, Exeter (Sandy Park) on Tuesday 5 July and Bridgend (the quite superb Nathaniel Cars MG Sales Centre) on Thursday 7 July.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, share with MotorMartin that: “These regional test drives have been a fantastic way of bringing to the new MG GS to the public, particularly for those who aren’t familiar with the newest addition to the MG brand.”

“We are really pleased with how well the MG GS has been received, as it really is a great car. The aim of this road show was to let people get behind the wheel of the MG GS and experience our new SUV for themselves. The feedback we’ve received so far and the amount of people interested in purchasing has been phenomenal.”
Those wanting to attend any of the remaining regional test drive days can register their interest on the MG website MotorMartin urges you to note that the Birmingham event is almost full, so check availability with the MG Sales Centre on 0121 251 6533.

So it just remains to get yourself booked in to your nearest roadshow venue and get yourself a drive in the MG GS. Tell them MotorMartin sent you.

Where will you go?

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