MotorMartin has already highlighted what do do when the heavens open and you’ve still got a journey to make, which can be revisited here, and yet, ever the optimist, Volkswagen are determined that we should still enjoy the summer and have therefore shared the following news with MotorMartin up here in the Towers. 

Volkswagen are aware that even if the sun isn’t shining quite as brightly as we’d hoped or indeed, at all, many of us are still using our Volkswagen’s air conditioning system to keep cool now that ‘summer’ is here. To ensure your car’s system is running efficiently, and smelling its sweetest, Volkswagen is including an air conditioning check and disinfect in its new Summer Health Check offer.

This is an extremely sensible move as when moisture builds up in a car’s ventilation system it can lead to the growth of bacteria which may mean the system doesn’t smell as fresh as it might. To counter this build up, when Volkswagen’s trained technicians carry out a Summer Health Check, available until 30 September across the brand’s UK Retailer network, they disinfect the air conditioning system, which has the added benefit of helping to optimise airflow.

The Summer Health Check, MotorMartin has been told, involves a 34-point express visual review to flag up any maintenance concerns, while the service also includes a clean and vacuum of the vehicle before it is handed back. As well as enjoying a more fragrant summer on the road, the Volkswagen driver will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having their car checked by their local Volkswagen Retailer. After all, regular checks and maintenance will always reduce the odds of an unexpected rest at the side of the road… 

Meanwhile, Volkswagen have said, a wide variety of genuine accessories and merchandise can further equip their cars for outings during the summer months. For instance the Cool and Thermos Box is perfect for keeping picnic food at the right temperature, powered as it is via the vehicle’s 12-volt supply. It can be secured safely, too, using a tailor-made three-point harness and in MotorMartin’s opinion, as someone who does rather enjoy a picnic, is a rather fantastic idea.

Volkswagen also offers an accessory picnic blanket with ‘Bulli’ heritage Volkswagen camper van branding for those al fresco dining expeditions. Lovely. And there’s an extensive selection of Volkswagen roof boxes available, too, with aerodynamically-optimised designs to help minimise wind noise. Available in 340-litre or 460-litre sizes, there’s a roof box to match the required luggage capacity of almost any summer holidaying family. Clearly there’s still some element at Volkswagen that can’t leave their camper van vibe behind, and for that, MotorMartin is eternally grateful.

For full details of the new Summer Health Check offer please visit or, to locate your nearest Volkswagen Retailer, log on to and get set for a great summer – whatever the weather.    

Well worth looking into if you’re a Volkswagen owner. Tell them MotorMartin sent you.

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