Another day and another news story arrives here at MotorMartin Towers with barely a wimper and yet, landing amongst the other press releases there was something that stood out, something that caught the attention of MotorMartin from amongst the flotsam and jetsam of life up here in the Towers. 

Now MotorMartin has long justified the inclusion of some high end manufacturers in this ‘real life’ motoring site as the technology that they use often finds itself trickling down from these brands usually ends up in the cars that you and I drive on an everyday basis and let’s be honest with ourselves here, we can all dream of the day when there’s a Bentley sitting on our own driveway. So back then to the news. Regular readers will have noticed that MotorMartin does like to look at the classic auction scene both here and abroad as well as featuring interesting articles regarding some of the more special or individual classic cars. 

And so it was with particular interest that MotorMartin was able to post the following news regarding one of the dedicated individuals that has spent their life devoted to one manufacturer only. World-renowned vintage Bentley specialist William Medcalf, is proud to be the subject of the latest film to be released by celebrated film maker and car magazine Petrolicious. The evocative film perfectly captures the spirit of William Medcalf and gives an insight into what drives his passion for vintage Bentleys while entertaining the viewer with fantastic cinematography that shows exactly how these cars are best used.

Petrolicious have confirmed to MotorMartin that the 10-minute piece was filmed in the beautiful Sussex countryside, in the areas surrounding William Medcalf’s workshop and headquarters in Liss as this area not only provides the perfect driving roads but also shows England at its very best.

During this atmospheric and incredible film, William tells the story behind his life-long passion for vintage Bentleys, and how he feels the cars should be driven today. “Anything with wheels should be raced. Everything with wheels should be driven to the limit,” he says. He also takes us on a tour of William Medcalf Vintage Bentley, providing an insight into why his business is regarded as the only place to go for vintage Bentleys, be it sales, service, race preparation or parts.

William shared with MotorMartin that: “It was an honour to work with the talented team at Petrolicious, and I am delighted with the film they have created. The real stars of the piece are the cars, and Petrolicious has managed to make already beautiful machinery look even more stunning on this must-watch film.”

Petrolicious have kindly made their short film, taken from their superb YouTube channel, available to view below and I urge you all to do so.

A fantastic achievement then to both William Medcalf Vintage Bentley and Petrolicious. Very well done to you both.

Where will you go?

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