As we all know, MotorMartin is most definitely a fan of the resurgent MG brand as it’s mix of style, technology and excellent value fit in beautifully with the core values of this site. 

And now, news has reached MotorMartin Towers of the latest set of MG Motor UK’s figures which include the all-new MG GS, a car that MotorMartin is most definitely looking forward to driving in a couple of months time.

MG Motor UK’s first ever SUV, the MG GS, has given a boost to record sales for the UK brand which is great news for the hard working folk over at Longbridge.

Official half-year figures, released today from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT) show that MG Motor has had its best start to a year.

The impressive year-to-date figures show that MG Motor UK has exceeded last year’s figures with 1,896 units; a 13.53% increase. June alone has pushed the brand up 43.59%, with 336 units.

MG have shared with MotorMartin that their new SUV, the MG GS, is blazing the way with more than 70 registrations already; only a little less than two weeks since it officially went on sale. Regional test drives have been taking place across the country, which has paved the way to more sales and fantastic feedback on the new model and can be read about here.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, informed MotorMartin that: “This year has got off to a fantastic start for us. Launching our new model, the MG GS, has given us the boost we needed and it is clear to see that we are firmly on track to make 2016 a record year.”

To show how strongly MG is growing in the UK, this year’s half-year sales are more than the total sales for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 combined and clearly point the way for further success as the year continues.

Matthew also explained to MotorMartin that: “The MG3 and MG6 took us through to June, and then the MG GS helped give us that extra boost. Our newest addition will definitely help push the brand even further. We are growing rapidly and attracting new customers and new dealerships alike. If ever there was a time for people to look seriously at either buying a new MG or becoming a dealer, it’s got to be now. We are really delighted with the way things are going for MG.”

And who can blame them. It’s extremely satisfying to know that MotorMartin’s core values of ‘Real life’ motoring are shown in abundance by a progressive company such as MG Motor UK and that their customer base is increasing rapidly. 

Checkout the short film below, provided by MG’s excellent YouTube channel, to see the all-new MG GS in action.

To find out more about the newest addition to the MG line-up, visit and check out the great deals on offer.
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