Up here in MotorMartin Towers, there can be times when thoughts move away from cars and motoring and gently waft towards more philosophical topics. Admittedly, this does not occur often but when the moment strikes it’s an opportunity to think about some of the important questions raised in current times.

One such question is surely, much like when the differing Rugby codes of League and Union split for good, when did the sport of Golf split in two, producing the Open Championship and amateur courses all around the Country and the formation of the noble sport of Crazy Golf.

Now anyone that has had the misfortune of being stuck on the tricky ‘lobster’ 7th, at the notoriously difficult, Filey Seafront Course in North Yorkshire, will be more than aware of how difficult getting a hole-in-one in either version of Golf actually is. All of which brings us rather nicely onto the news that arrived onto the desk at MotorMartin Towers recently.

And yet, despite the level of difficulty attached to a remarkable shot such as this, one lucky golfer who entered a charity golf tournament sunk such a shot and came away with a brand new car. The competition, MotorMartin has been told, was held on 6th, May 2016 at Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club in Bridgend to raise money for local charities and each golfer taking part in the tournament had several opportunities to win prizes including a new MG3 courtesy of the excellent and friendly Nathaniel Cars of Bridgend. Remarkably, the car was offered as a prize to any golfer who got a hole-in-one on the fourth hole of the golf course.

As we have already discovered earlier, a hole-in-one is an incredibly rare achievement, with an average golf course only seeing up to 15 holes-in-one per year and so the chance of an amateur golfer getting a hole-in-one is one in 12,500. Indeed, statistics tell us that most golfers have been playing for 24 years before they get their first hole-in-one.

And now, Nathaniel Cars have explained to MotorMartin that Richard Donovan, the winner of the MG3, got his first hole-in-one a little faster than his peers. He started playing golf 15 years ago and also joined the impressive Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club. Due to work, he took a break from golf for a few years, but returned to the sport five years ago and joined Llantrisant and Pontyclun Golf Club.

When asked if he has any tips to help other golfers win a new car with a hole-in-one, he replied,

“This is my first hole in one, so I can’t give any tips because if I knew how to do it, I’d do it again and earn myself a fleet of cars.” And who could blame him.

Mrs. Mari Major MBE, secretary and Coordinator of the Bridgend County Civic Charity Appeals Committee, organised the golf tournament and Contacted the showroom at Nathaniel Car Sales that afternoon to alert them that Richard Donovan won the car with his first hole-in-one ever.

How did Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd feel about awarding a new MG car to the golfer? Wayne Griffiths, Managing Director of Nathaniel Car Sales, informed MotorMartin that, “We have sponsored many sporting events over the years within our community, and to present a prize for a hole-in-one, now that is a first for us too. With talented golfers going for charity events such as these, you can bet that this is not the last time, we will give such a prize, but we are more than happy to do that.” Remember earlier that I mentioned that Nathaniel Cars were excellent and friendly?

What makes the achievement by Richard Donovan even more amazing is the fourth hole itself, as the 176-yard hole has a long, narrow green making it quite a challenge for even the most experienced player. Golfers on the fourth hole must navigate around faces greenside traps and native shrubbery, commonly called “gorse.” Of course, Richard Donovan avoided the traps by keeping his ball in the air for most of the 176-yard trek.

The most important aspect of a tournament such as this is, of course, that the event benefited important local charities in Bridgend County Borough including Mental Health Matters, Cardiology Investigation Unit Project at The Princess of Wales Hospital, The Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme, and Ysgol Bryn Castell, all very worthy causes and well worth supporting.

MotorMartin can certainly recommend that anyone interested in the MG3 should visit Nathaniel Car’s showroom or call them on 01656 339843 to book a test drive and chat to the MG specialist on site.

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