With cars seemingly becoming more similar with every passing year, with specs and technology almost interchangeable between manufacturers, is it really any wonder that the classic scene appears to be booming at present. With high end cars attracting a premium price as always and the sales taking place in some of the more high end properties, it’s often the case that MotorMartin is reduced to drooling over these incredible vehicle whilst sat at the computer on the top floor of MotorMartin Towers. And so, it was with considerable interest that MotorMartin received the following news item hot off the system. 

Windsor Castle today opened its gates to some of the world’s rarest and most incredible cars as the Owners Day of Concours of Elegance 2016 got underway. Running for the remainder of the weekend, this year’s Concours sees more than 1000 cars gather in one of the UK’s most incredible Royal Palaces which will be quite some sight indeed.

MotorMartin has been made aware that this morning saw the arrival of 60 of the world’s finest cars competing in the prestigious Concours of Elegance, as they completed the final leg of the Great West Tour from Guards Polo Club to the picturesque castle quadrangle – led by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent.

Rather incredibly, guests of the first day of the event were treated to a world-first with a feature comprised of cars from the grid of the inaugural British GP, which was held at Brooklands in 1926.

As well as that amazing experience and continuing the patriotic celebrations, British motoring icons built in the 90 years since the Queen’s birth were also assembled in the breath-taking setting, covering everything from the Mini to the McLaren F1 and much more.

These features are, of course, just a small part of the Windsor Castle event which – at its heart – showcases sixty of the world’s rarest cars.

Concours of Elegance 2016 have shared with MotorMartin that the event will also feature a free-to-view area on the Long Walk leading up to the Cambridge Gate of Windsor Castle, consisting of more than 800 models from the UK’s best car clubs, including the Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Jaguar and Bentley owners’ clubs.

For further information or to purchase tickets, please visit or just visit the site and enjoy the amazing vehicles on show. For those of you in the rather more privileged position of being involved with Concours of Elegance 2016 then please contact MotorMartin to share your experience of the event.

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