MotorMartin has long been of the opinion that you don’t need to leave these sceptered isles of ours to undertake a truly memorable adventure. Indeed, when receiving a new car to on test one of the first jobs to do is crank up the rather antiquated map reading equipment here at MotorMartin Towers and decide upon whether to head to the wonderfully atmospheric North East Coast, revel in the rather bleak beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors or head West to the magnificent scenery and real drivers’ roads of North Wales and Anglesey.

The United Kingdom has so much to offer both those wanting to take their time exploring it’s far reaches and those of us who just wish to go somewhere stunning with the picnic basket and flask stowed safely ready for an early lunch. And now Suzuki GB have let it be known to MotorMartin that they are very much of the same opinion, a fact easily confirmed with the release of the following motorcycle related news.

Suzuki have shared with MotorMartin that they have just released the first episode of a new three-part series, which sees former military man-turned-famed adventurer and explorer, Andy Torbet, prove that you don’t need to head too far from home to have your own adventure.

Keen to extol the virtues of our own British Isles, Torbet heads to Glencoe in this first short film, getting off the beaten track on his V-Strom 1000 to highlight how doing so can lead to some of the nation’s most incredible and unspoilt locations. Excellent work Andy and deserved of a MotorMartin well done.

About Andy Torbet

For those who haven’t yet found out about Torbet, Andy spent 10 years in the British Army and is now famous as an underwater explorer and diver, climber, and adventurer. Andy has confirmed to MotorMartin that he can often be seen on the BBC’s One Show and released his first book, Extreme Adventures, in 2015. Not a bad C.V. I’m sure you’ll agree.
It’s a great show in MotorMartin’s opinion and well worth a view.

Where will you go?

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