MotorMartin loves the direction that car design and interior technology has been going over the last few years, what with Sat Nav, climate control of many zones, electronic hand brakes, heated seats, voice control, automatic wipers, lights and so on, anyone mention autonomous driving? Of course I’ve only just scratched the surface here as there are many more innovative features and functions that are becoming standard features in cars a little above the norm. And now Volvo have shared with MotorMartin that they have been voted Tech Brand of the Year at the inaugural Car Tech Awards. An impressive award I’m sure you’ll agree.

This new award, MotorMartin has been informed, recognises the best in automotive technology, as voted for by the experts at Carbuyer, the car review and advice service, and technology website Volvo was commended for its ground-breaking technology, such as their pioneering Sensus touchscreen control system in its new large premium models, the S90, V90 and XC90 and Its all-new Drive-E powertrains, which were designed to offer efficient power using a mixture of advanced injection technology and electrification, impressed the judges immensely.

The company was also praised for its forward-thinking approach to technology partnerships, such as the collaboration with Uber, which will result in Volvo’s sophisticated SPA platform underpinning Uber’s next generation of autonomous-drive vehicles.

Stuart Milne, editor of Carbuyer, shared with Motormartin that: “For years, Volvo has been synonymous with safety, but it is now becoming a tech brand in its own right. It’ll use autonomous technology to ensure no one is killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020 – a remarkable goal. It has used technology to downsize its engines with no impact on performance, and has delivered a market-leading infotainment system in Sensus. Yet it’s still finding time to partner with Uber and bringing itself to the heart of Silicon Valley as a result. It’s the blend of thinking about the technology of today as well as the tech of tomorrow that makes Volvo our Tech Brand of the Year.

The XC90 SUV won two further Car Tech Awards. It was awarded ‘Most user-friendly tech – over £25,000’, while its phenomenal Bowers & Wilkins sound system was voted ‘Best audio system – over £25,000’.

Volvo have explained that everything they do is ‘designed around you’, which means that every piece of technology is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. So not only are most of the XC90’s functions controlled via its advanced Sensus touchscreen or the intelligent voice-control system (both of which are fitted as standard), you won’t be baffled by whichever you choose to use.

The exceptional Bowers & Wilkins audio system sets new standards for the automotive industry. It combines the expertise of premium British hi-fi equipment company Bowers & Wilkins with cutting-edge sound processing software from Swedish audio company Dirac Research. The 18-speaker system produces a huge 1,400W, and can be tailored, at the touch of a button, to mirror the precise acoustics of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, a recording studio or a live stage environment.

Jon Bray, Reviews Editor at, commented to MotorMartin that: “We were hugely impressed by the XC90’s Bowers & Wilkins audio system that, while a significant investment for the buyer, betters systems costing far more. We also found Sensus to be a very effective tool to operate the car’s many and varied functions.”

Regarding the awards, Jon Wakefield, Managing Director of Volvo Car UK, shared with MotorMartin: “These award wins recognise the fact that Volvo is a technological leader – not just in the field of safety, but in terms of connectivity and in-car entertainment, autonomous drive and efficient powertrains. They also show that no matter how sophisticated Volvos get, the way in which we interact with the technology needn’t be complex.”

For more information on the XC90 and the rest of the Volvo range, please go to and MotorMartin certainly recommends that you set aside a few hours to really get a handle on the incredible technology that Volvo are developing to make their cars safer and even more out of this World than they already are.

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