DS4 Prestige THP 210 S&S 6-speed manual: One Of A Kind

Recently, MotorMartin has had the good fortune to spend time in the DS4 Prestige, a hatchback that combines an engine to die for with the traditionally extravagant style that so encapsulates the design decisions that DS have based their entire output on. In fact DS themselves say it best when they state that: On Thursday 6 October 1955, an enduring icon was unveiled. The original DS made its debut at the Paris Motor Show, beneath the dramatic vault of the Grand Palais. The response was immediate and overwhelming: 12,000 DS 19s were sold that day and by the end of the show no fewer than 80,000 orders had been taken. DS was like nothing that came before, blending avant-garde styling with true engineering innovation to stunning effect, and sixty years later its legacy is clear to see in the very latest DS models. 

Think about it for a moment, picture the early DS models and compare those memories with this brand new incarnation. What are the similarities with those glorious models of the past? Are there any? Can the modern DS hope to compare and will it engender the same feelings of devotion that those original DS manage? It’s these questions and more that MotorMartin will try and answer as we progress further along the path to enlightenment.

First impressions are so important, in MotorMartin’s opinion, especially when it comes to a new car as there are just so many types, brands and genre to choose from these days which can make it difficult for a car to stand out. Fortunately, this is not a problem for the DS4 as the excels with its bold, curvaceous outline. Indeed, the DS4 is the type of car that rewards multiple viewings due to the number of interesting and imaginative design decisions to be found amongst the curves and creases that adorn it’s bodywork.

Take some time to study the pictures accompanying this article and compare your reaction to the last time that you really looked at one or more of the DS’ direct competition. Where some manufacturers almost appear to deliberately design out interest in their vehicles, DS simply revel in surprise and wonder. Too much? MotorMartin doesn’t think so, as when up close and personal with this car, the looks are phenomenal. To quote DS once more, we are told that: The distinctive grille merges with LED headlights creating a uniquely expressive shape that we call DS Wings. There’s the elegant chrome surrounding the side windows, abundant sharp creases and well-defined flanks. And every New DS 4 can be personalised with a two-tone roof and different door mirror caps.

And those wheels, optional 19″ matt grey diamond-cut ‘CAIRNS’ fill the flared wheel arches and look utterly gorgeous whilst doing so. At an extremely reasonable £400, these alloys should be at the top of your shopping list when it comes to choosing those all important extras, whilst second and third should be the luxurious Pearl White paint at £730, mixed with the Perla Nera Black Contrast Pack that’ll set you back a further £350. Mix these three together and you have a colour pallet that compliments and highlights the DS4’s stunning looks. DS have even managed to make the technologically superior DS LED Vision headlights (directional LED/Xenon headlights), complete the styling of the front end, offering a fully integrated whole, which when matched with the large chrome surrounded front grill and prominent badge, create a personality that appeals to both petrol heads and the more casual drivers alike. The fact that the DS4 also includes scrolling indicators with their distinctive and contemporary lighting effect, is surely an added bonus and one well worth celebrating.

For MotorMartin, the additional Chrome side-rubbing strips add interest and upmarket appeal to the side of the car wit’s the added bonus of drawing the eye towards those stunningly accentuated rear wheel arches. This is a beautiful car and one that is extremely difficult to resist. MotorMartin wouldn’t even bother to try.

And if you’re thinking that the DS4’s exterior styling was cashing cheques that the interior would not be able to match, then you’re in for another surprise as stepping inside the cabin it’s more than clear that the attention to detail mirrors that to be found all over the exterior. The classic black leather seats, front and rear leather door cards have been upholstered with leather that has been through a 21 hour treatment to make sure it smells and feels exquisite. This is, after all, a premium car. 

The seats, in MotorMartin’s opinion, offer support and comfort in equal measures, whilst beneath the leather clad craftsmanship, the front seats have a heat function to maximise comfort and also, exclusively for this class of car, there’s a lumbar massage function that make this a car that, once inside, you’ll be looking for excuses to extend your travelling time. Perhaps one last time around the block before going home?

What MotorMartin likes about the DS4 is that you can really sense the pride behind the design of this unique hatchback. Everything that can be touched, pulled or pressed has a feeling of quality and longevity that just isn’t present in some mainstream hatchbacks I could mention. 

Perhaps the last word for Part 1 of DS4 Prestige THP 210 S&S 6-speed manual: One Of A Kind should be left to DS themselves as they summed it up best when they shared with MotorMartin that: DS is defined by unique style and comfort delivered through refinement, attention to detail and technology. These elements are combined in an individually desirable way in each model.

And you can’t really say fairer than that. I’ll see you later on in Part 2 where MotorMartin will be considering the fantastic engine and driving experience that the DS4 offers.

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