Following on from the recent News article: COUNTDOWN TO GOLF UPDATE IN NOVEMBER: JUST AS YOU LIKE IT – THE UNPARALLELED VARIETY OF GOLF we rapidly find ourselves moving up to the next instalment of MotorMartin’s mini series regarding the impressive evolution of the Volkswagen Golf. I think it’s safe to say that the countdown is now nearly over as in six days, Volkswagen will finally present their major update of the Golf in Wolfsburg and that will herald the launch of a Golf which will democratise progress yet again. An ongoing tradition since the launch of the first Golf, 42 years ago. With the debut of the sixth-generation Golf (2008), more and more luxury class assistance systems found their way into the compact segment – marking the beginning of a silent revolution in automotive safety. 

As we move inexorably closer to the most recent MkVII Golf our retrospective becomes less a historical document and more a look into, what feels like, only yesterday: Politically, in 2008, Barack Obama is elected the 44th President of the USA, whilst in the World of sport, the Spanish national team wins the final of the European Football Championship against Germany. Musically, English singer Amy Winehouse wins five Grammy awards in Los Angeles and throughout all of this Volkswagen are pleased to say that they enriched the year with their sixth generation of a bestseller: the Golf.

Sharing the following information regarding their MkVI Golf and the innovative, for the time, features, with MotorMartin, Volkswagen are proud of the new assistance systems used such as Adaptive Cruise Control ACC, automatically steered Park Assist, automatic main beam management Light Assist, the Hill Hold function and further technical innovations in the form of adaptive chassis control DCC. All of which combined to make the car which will later be named “World Car of the Year” in 2009 the hitherto most advanced Golf. And not only that: by the time it was replaced in 2012, the Golf MkVI had made its mark in the history of Volkswagen, becoming one of the safest compact cars of its time – thanks to its numerous assistance systems, up to nine airbags (including knee airbag) and sovereign five stars in the EuroNCAP crash test. Impressive indeed.

All of which brings us neatly to the latest instalment regarding the Golf MkVI from Volkswagen’s excellent YouTube channel, kindly shared with MotorMartin and available to view below.

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