The following is a re-edit of a recent MotorMartin post on BlackTopMedia, a new site that includes the talents of Tony Yates aka @XInterceptor, Mark Turner aka @BlackTopMediaUK and Yours truly aka @motormartin1 and as such, is well worth checking out.

The Honda Civic Type R has been the performance Honda of choice for quite a number of years now, the origins of which can be read about here, where MotorMartin looked at the birth of the iconic hatchback way back in 1997 and then we have the excellent review of the current 2016 Type R by the experienced motoring journalist, Tony Yates also known as @xinterceptor. It’s fair then to say that Blacktopmedia are universal in their praise of this most legendary of road-going racing car.

But think of an exciting Honda two seater with all-wheel-drive and most car fans will instantly think of the thrilling NSX supercar and rightly so.

But now, just in time for Blacktopmedia’s #HondaHappening week, there is a new open-top Honda two seater that’s even faster than the mighty NSX – as long as the race is off the road… and it’s more than likely, definitely not what you were expecting.

The new Pioneer, Honda have shared with MotorMartin, is their first Side-by-Side (SxS) utility vehicle, designed to be more practical than a quad bike and more manageable than a traditional full size 4×4 vehicle.

Employing Honda’s acclaimed ATV technology and featuring a powerful and efficient 700cc engine, the supremely capable Pioneer will be available as either a two or four-seater and the Pioneer should then open up a world of possibility for both business and leisure users who need an ATV that will take them to even the most hard to reach places.

The launch of the Pioneer will cement the brand’s status as the undisputed market leader in the ATV sector. Honda accounts for more than 50% of all UK ATV sales.

Steve Morris, Head of Honda (UK), explained to MotorMartin that: “The Pioneer is a fantastic vehicle that will strengthen Honda’s ATV offering significantly. By adding a choice of SxS options to our range, we will be able to build on our best-in-industry reputation and the long-standing customers relationships we have developed through our nationwide network of authorised dealers.”

Adding: “The Pioneer also sets a new benchmark for a SxS ATV. Our engineers and designers have developed it from the wheels up with the same attention to detail they would any Honda vehicle.”

“This means users will benefit from new levels of comfort, refinement, agility and handling as well as the superior performance and aftersales care for which Honda is known.”

For those with little or no experience of Honda’s impressive ATV range, a quick view of the short film below, kindly provided by Honda from their excellent YouTube channel, should tell you all you need to know.

And more information about the Honda Pioneer will be revealed through HondaUKPower channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep an eye out would be MotorMartin’s advice.

Where will you go?

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