It’s getting to that time of the year, especially up here in West Yorkshire, when the temperature is dropping and freezing fog is an almost constant companion, especially on those cold winter mornings. Ensuring your car is safe to drive is always important of course, but keeping it in tiptop shape is never more essential than in the freezing winter months. As the country experiences its first cold snap of the season, the Volkswagen Retailer network is giving customers the confidence to tackle whatever the weather can throw at them via the Volkswagen Winter Health Check.

Volkswagen have explained to MotorMartin that their Winter Health Check costs just £20 and covers four key areas. It starts with a battery check, where a participating Retailer will test the battery and give a report that explains its condition and If necessary, they’ll recharge it. They will also check the oil, coolant and washer fluid levels, and top them up if needed.   

As a further part of the Winter Health Check, Volkswagen have said that there’s also a 34-point Express Visual Check of your vehicle where a technician will use his or her expert training to give the car a once-over, helping to ensure that it is set-up for winter. The Volkswagen-trained technician will look at all of the wear and tear items on the car and highlight any issues that need to be addressed immediately, or in the near future. This information is communicated using a simple traffic light system, where green means an item is in full working order; yellow means an item is safe and legal, but may need maintenance in the future; and red means an item could require immediate attention.

Finally, the Retailer will wash the car and vacuum the interior, leaving your Volkswagen looking and feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the chill.

Seasonal health checks, Volkswagen say, are an important part in preparing their customers’ cars for the prevailing road conditions as they can help to make motoring safer year-round, of course, but are especially important in the winter as changeable weather can catch drivers unaware. Volkswagen have explained to MotorMartin that last year, their Winter Health Check helped more than 2,500 car owners nationwide prepare their vehicle for the potentially challenging weather and road conditions ahead.

For more details about the Volkswagen Winter Health Check, MotorMartin urges you to point your browser towards where you’ll be able to checkout how to go about getting your VW ready for winter.

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