Volkswagen have recently shared with MotorMartin information regarding their recently revamped up!, a car that can be seen in every village, town and city across this beautiful land of ours. The winning combination of size, economy, good looks and build quality have been keeping the up! on the top of it’s game but as the competition becomes stronger, the need to revamp and relaunch is difficult to resist. So it was no real surprise to those of us up! (sic) in MotorMartin Towers when Volkswagen announced a comprehensive list of changes designed to keep their City Car on the top of the charts. To do justice to this all new up!, the following is straight from Volkswagen themselves. up! Fans rejoice.

The dazzling colour choices inside and out; sporty wheels and a broad variety of personalisation options make the new Volkswagen up! a kaleidoscope of automotive joy. Customers can choose their bespoke colour and trim combination from an exceptionally broad 63,180 potential variations.

The palette starts with a choice of 13 bold exterior paint colours, of which seven are completely new to the latest up!. This includes Volkswagen’s eye-catching Premium Signature paint, which is available in bright Habanero Orange or rich Savanna Gold. The paint brings out the contours of the new up!’s revised bumpers and contrasts with the bright LED daytime running lights.

Choosing the colour of the up!’s smartly-designed bodywork is just the start of the journey, though. Volkswagen customers can then specify a different coloured roof to fit their preferred scheme, with the options being ‘Black’, ‘White’ or ‘Grey’. The contrast between the roof and the bodywork can be particularly vivid, and can create a stylish combination that gives the up! a sporty finish or adds a premium designer tone to the city car’s surfaces.

The door mirrors have caps that can be finished in the same tone as the roof, or even be matched to the wheels. In this way, the personalisation options of the up! are almost unique to each customer. For example, the offbeat ‘Polygon Black’ wheels can be ordered with a ‘Fortana Red’ or a ‘Sandstorm Yellow’ finish. The wing mirrors can then be trimmed in the same tone of red or yellow to match. 

The same applies to the ‘La Boca Black’ wheels. In this instance, the wheels can be finished in ‘Golden Beige’, ‘Hot Orange’ or ‘La Boca Grey’. With the same colours applied to the wing mirrors, the up! becomes a city car that truly stands out in the urban environment. Other wheel options are finished in silver, white or anthracite.

The Volkswagen up! is a cheeky city car with its own personality. This can be further embellished with a range of six side decals, plus a roof decal which reads ‘THIS SIDE up!’ (£150 RRP). For those that are more daring, there’s a ‘Motorway’ decal that paints a road up the up!’s bonnet and over the roof. And if that striking style statements gets a bit too much, the decals can be simply removed.

Once up! buyers have chosen their perfect exterior design specification, they can head inside the spacious cabin to add their own personal touches. This starts with the seat upholstery, which is available in eight colour combinations ranging from the bright ‘beats’ cloth and the savannah brown ‘Art Velours’ to a range of darker shades.

The upper dashpad is available in nine different designs, which include solid colours and a ‘Pixels’ finish. The Honey Yellow 2D Pixels and the Red 2D Pixels dash designs are no-cost options, and also come with the chance to finish the seat bolsters in Honey Yellow or ‘Beam’ Black/Red cloth. In addition, the up! beats models have a unique ‘beats’ dashpad finish.

Despite the dazzling array of choice the process of selecting a complete new up! design has been simplified, with Volkswagen offering customers the chance to specify pre-defined style packs. As an example, the ‘La Boca Hot Orange’ alloy pack includes 16-inch ‘La Boca Black’ alloy wheels with a ‘Hot Orange’ finish, with ‘Hot Orange’ door mirrors and side decals. All this for £375 RRP.

The Cube White 3D design pack includes a ‘Cube White 3D’ dashpad, Black or White decals on the door panels and Black, White or Grey door mirrors. This pack costs £110 RRP. Additional design packs include Wood 3D Pixels and Pixels Savanna Gold 3D. 

Of course, sitting in the middle of the dashpad is the up!’s new smartphone cradle, in which the driver’s smartphone connects to give access to just as broad an array of digital features. The smartphone becomes a part of the car, with its screen used to display features including Volkswagen’s ‘Maps + More’ app, plus offering access to the driver’s contacts and music library, and displaying data about the up!’s fuel consumption, among other useful tools. All up!s also come with the Composition Radio system with DAB digital radio.

Customers can experiment with Volkswagen’s simple-to-use online configurator to find the interior and exterior combination that works best for them. Crucially, they can then save a unique code that means they can take their chosen up! design to their local Volkswagen Retailer, which makes the process of ordering their car quick and stress-free.

Adding further fizz to the funky new up! package is the arrival of the new 90 PS turbocharged petrol engine. Available to order from Volkswagen Retailers now from £11,350 (RRP OTR), this new engine shifts the High up! and the up! beats from a standstill to 62 mph in a sprightly 9.9 seconds.

For more details on the up!, together with brochures and pricing, MotorMartin certainly recommends that you head on over where you can also design your perfect up! using Volkswagen’s online configurator.

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