Volkswagen Scirocco R-Line Black Edition 2.0 litre TDI 150 PS BlueMotion Technology: Love Is Easy

The Volkswagen Scirocco has been with us now since the summer of 2008, when upon launch, it caused quite a stir. European drivers had been calling for the return of the Scirocco name for quite some time and were overjoyed when Volkswagen finally realised that they had a potential hit on their hands, if they could successfully recreate the cult appeal of the original that is. 

Volkswagen themselves state that: Sleeker, sportier and more dynamic than ever before, the Scirocco is all about the driving experience. The sculpted headlights, black front grille and front air intake with eye-catching honeycomb design, and body-coloured bumpers with aerodynamic fins all create a classic Volkswagen look. This is echoed by the recessed roundel on the bonnet, signifying Volkswagen’s legendary heritage. Combined with the latest generation petrol and diesel engines delivering greater performance than ever before, it all adds up to an impressive package. Tempted? 

They really have hit the nail on the head here, in MotorMartin’s opinion, as what Volkswagen have created is not just a spiritual successor along the lines of the original Scirocco but an all new, fresh looking sports car, a car that just so happens to also have two decent rear seats, an economical and efficient engine range and a pretty good boot. Superb work there Volkswagen. MotorMartin has always been a fan of manufacturers looking through their vast back catalogue when looking for inspiration, as a nod to the past shows that the designers and engineers appreciate their own history and understand that certain cars are expected to look a certain way whilst still remaining fresh and exciting. 

MotorMartin then was overjoyed when the phone rang a few weeks ago in the rather opulent reception here at the Towers and found the extremely helpful Karen from the Swansway Group, a large multi franchise operation based in Crewe (01270 419061,) on the other end of the line. After the usual pleasantries and motoring based discussion, the option of taking the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Line Black Edition 2.0 litre TDI 150 that can be seen above, came up. This revised Scirocco feels like it’s been back on the highways and byways of these green and pleasant lands of ours for such a long time that it’s difficult to recognise quite what an impact that shape made on the car buying public when it first arrived way back in 2008.

Look again though and look closer. It’s not just that this particular R-Line Black Edition looks so fresh and contemporary, but that it serves within a range that, from the GT, GT Black Edition, R-Line, R-Line Black Edition, GTS and all the way through to the range topping R, the Scirocco has been kept up to date with style rather than additional lumps and bumps. The end result, in MotorMartin’s eyes, is a car that has a simple, clean and classic look that still manages to convey an air of menace and potential. 

This model in particular stands out due to the number of unique features present. From the Volkswagen’s specially designed front and rear bumpers, side spoilers and black painted radiator grille, with its subtle and unique ‘R-Line’ badging, combined with the excellent and rather beautiful 19 inch ‘Talladega’ alloy wheels.  Add these features together and throw in some unique front fog lights and you give the Scirocco a look that’s sleek, stylish and fantastic.

And then you have even more that’s exclusive to the Black Edition, including a distinctive, accentuated long roofline, darkened rear windows, ‘Black’ door mirror housings and alloy wheels finished in black, provide a striking contrast to the exterior, Indium Grey Metallic colour. The R-Line Black Edition also features rear tinted glass from the B pillar backwards, approximately 90% tinted and a rear roof spoiler, a list of specifications and accessories with which Volkswagen have created a car that deserves to be driven and seen. 

And it’s this particular trick that I think Volkswagen have achieved with their Scirocco. Even more so with the R-Line Black Edition 2.0 litre TDI 150 BlueMotion Technology that MotorMartin has spent time in and there’s no denying the impression that you’re left with, especially when considering the overall look, a look, let’s not forget, who’s original form has been with us again for the last 8 years or so. More than a lifetime in car design. 

I think it’s safe to say that MotorMartin is a big, big fan of the Scirocco’s style. But looks do not make the man, or some such wit and wisdom, yet Volkswagen have rather set a rod for their own back here as the exterior has set the bar extremely high. The interior must therefore have exactly the right feel to do the Scirocco justice. A feeling that is sporting, yet comfortable, high tech but still accessible, a car that flatters as much as it allows for a true driving experience. This car has got to be good enough to compare and compete with Volkswagen’s own, evergreen Golf, which in GTI form, is still an incredibly practical, yet incredibly powerful family car.

Checkout part 2 where MotorMartin will be discussing the technology and feel of this Volkswagen Scirocco R-Line Black Edition 2.0 litre TDI 150 PS BlueMotion Technology with a trip across the M62 from Bradford, West Yorkshire to the beautiful roads and scenery of North Wales and the Isle of Anglesey. A 300ish mile day with Mrs MotorMartin and the two Junior MotorMartin in the back of the Scirocco should enable a good understanding to be built up with the Volkswagen which, when combined with the journey to and from the excellent and accommodating Swansway Group in Crewe, should allow for a full assessment of this gorgeous looking, R-Line Black Edition.

At least that’s the plan.

Where will you go?

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