Aston Martin have long been held in high esteem here at MotorMartin Towers, purely down to the insistence that form and function do not work independently of one another but, in fact, work together to create a whole that can often end up being more than the sum of its parts. And yet, there are models in every manufacturers back catalogue that even they themselves find it hard to love, those models that, whatever the reason, just did catch on or find as many enthusiastic owners as the manufacturers first hoped for.

For Aston Martin, their brave new dawn was brought in by the car you see below. The mighty behemoth that sports the name, Lagonda, a car known for its straight lines and, let’s be generous here, rather brave styling choices. Whatever it was that Aston’s designers were ingesting during the particular time period in which the Lagonda was first drawn up was clearly very dangerous indeed and not to be encouraged.

However, the world needs these type of cars, even if it’s only purpose is to remind us how good a company can be when they really put their minds to it. 

Despite all of the above, up on the first floor of MotorMartin Towers the news desk was rather inundated with ticker tape as news arrived heralding the exciting news that an incredibly rare 1991 Series 4 Aston Martin Lagonda saloon is being offered for sale by specialist supercar sales and service agents, SVR.

Celebrating its 25th birthday, this Lagonda is one of only just 105 made during the three-year production run of the Series 4 model. A then-departure from the British marque’s two-seat sportscars, this model is offered with just 20,340 miles on the clock. Stunning.

It’s been said before, but one of the most striking features is the square dashboard, with the Lagonda the world’s first production car to feature computer management and a digital instrumentation panel. This particular Lagonda features the upgraded fuel injection system for its 5.2 litre V8 powerplant, allowing for a more user-friendly and efficient power delivery.

MotorMartin has been informed that the final run of Lagondas to be produced, the Series 4 was introduced at the 1987 Geneva Motor Show, featuring slight alterations by the car’s original designer, William Towns. These included the rounding of the car’s sharp edges and the pop-up headlights replaced with the iconic triple stack arrangement, either side of the grille, the most obvious changes.

SVR have explain d to MotorMartin that this extremely rare Lagonda – the last model to carry the name of Aston Martin’s luxury brand until the limited-run Lagonda Taraf was released in 2014 – is finished in royal blue bodywork with a cream leather and ash interior and also features cruise control, electric door mirrors and windows and a rear sunroof. 

Contact 01628 521753 to make an appointment to view this rare Aston Martin Lagonda at SVR’s Buckinghamshire showroom, MotorMartin certainly urges you to do so sooner, rather than late as surely this increasingly rare Aston Martin won’t be there for long.

Where will you go?

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