As regular readers will know, MotorMartin is now back in the saddle and thoroughly enjoying being on two wheels once more, after a break that went on for far too long. So any story regarding motorcycling, road or sport, is now directed toward the top of the pile on the top floor newsdesk here at MotorMartin Towers. 

Therefore, when Ducati come calling with news regarding their latest Superbike information, it’s virtually impossible for MotorMartin to ignore. Especially with news that the 959 Panigale is an incredible addition to the Superbike family, sharing, as it does, the same innovative stylistic features that characterise its ‘bigger brother’, the 1299 Panigale. Ducati have now shared with MotorMartin that their ‘Supermid’ 959 is enhanced with Ducati Performance accessories to create a stunning 959 Panigale Ducati Performance limited edition. Fantastic news.

To justify the cost involved, Ducati have made sure that the 959 Panigale Special Edition comes with the best of the best when it comes to parts such as the Akrapovic titanium racing silencer exhaust system, as well as components made from carbon fibre and billet aluminium.

MotorMartin has been informed that a limited number of just 25 bikes will be offered to customers in the UK market only, with each bike being individually numbered by laser etching the steering head and accessorised to truly unleash the full potential of the 959 Panigale.

And that this limited-edition bike is available with two options, the Ducati Performance option at a retail price of £15,995 or with the carbon pack can be added at an additional cost of £1000. Best start saving.

The Ducati Performance option comes with the titanium Akrapovic under-engine racing silencer exhaust system and lower fairings, a billet race tank filler cap, racing articulated levers, brake lever protection, a plastic seat cowl and Ducati Corse oversized screen.

Additionally, Ducati have explained, you can have the carbon pack which comes with a carbon ignition switch cover, carbon shock cover, carbon heel guards, carbon and alloy tail tidy, carbon front sprocket cover, billet aluminium handlebar weights, carbon fuel tank protector, carbon shark-fin chain guard and carbon rear mudguard.

Two very special Ducati’s that continue the tradition of taking standard bikes that are already extremely desirable and making them even better. What’s the secret Ducati?

Where will you go?

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