MotorMartin was fortunate recently to spend a week with Kia’s rather marvellous Picanto 1.0 litre SR7 Edition, a rather superb little City Car that received a positive review due to its do anything and go anywhere personality, which can be read about here as well as MotorMartin’s YouTube review which showed off the Kia’s attention to detail and excellent looks. So the following news, once safely arrived on the top floor of MotorMartin Towers, was received with great excitement. After all, if Kia have managed to improve the looks and performance of the smallest car in their range then it’s going to be very hard to beat. 

Kia Motors have shared with MotorMartin the first design details of the Picanto, the third-generation of one of Kia’s global best-selling cars.

The new Picanto, Kia say, combines a youthful and energetic new exterior and interior design with greater potential for customer personalization, inside and out. Retaining its characteristically compact dimensions, the new Picanto conveys a more assertive stance through bolder body lines and a vibrant colour palette and in MotorMartin’s opinion, looks fabulous.

Inside, the car’s suite of high-tech comfort, convenience and safety features is underscored by a modern and refined new cabin design, with smarter packaging efficiency than ever before.

Kia’s have explained to MotorMartin that their all-new A-segment city car will be fully revealed early in 2017 and MotorMartin can’t wait.

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