It’s a fact of life that not all of us are in the position to buy a brand new car every few years or that not everyone even wants to, after all, it’s a commonly held belief that your brand new car will lose thousands in value the moment it’s driven off the forecourt. Clearly though there are many reasons why you may always buy new or even pre-registered in the same way that there are clearly many good reasons for buying used. Each to there own and good luck in whatever your choices. Here at MotorMartin Towers however, the monthly report from My Car Check’s valuation experts is always looked forward to as the constantly shifting used car and motorcycle market makes for a fascinating read. For those who have not come across My Car Check just yet, they are a group of experts whose reports are used to reveal significant trends in the UK used vehicle market, whilst also choosing a car and bike of the month. Got that?

Head of Valuation Services at My Car Check, Gavin Amos, shared with MotorMartin that: “Audi has just introduced a new A5 Coupe, but the previous (pre-2016) model remains one of the most desirable used cars around. With sleek looks, strong residual values and a range of great engines – from the frugal 2-litre TDI, to the lively 3-litre TDI, and the super high performance S5 and RS5, there’s something for everyone. Don’t be put off by high mileage either, so long as it has full service history (fsh), these can run and run. Of all the A5 models we’ve checked so far this year, 7.66% had been previously written-off and 14.56% were still on finance.”

As to market trends, Amos explained to MotorMartin that: “Retail footfall is slowing as we approach the festive season, although some buyers have cottoned on to the fact that this is the quietest time of year for dealers and therefore a decent time to strike a bargain. Most traders have already shifted their attention to getting new stock in to meet the post-Christmas rush. Presents unwrapped and turkey eaten, consumers’ thoughts will soon return to the need for a new car, prompting the question: Does anyone fancy a stroll around a forecourt or two?”

On the motorbike, scooter and moped sector, My Car Check’s Rob Hobson informed MotorMartin that: “Popular in the 90s and making a much-anticipated comeback last year, the new Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 looks sets to be a real hit in the used market. Lighter than the BMW 1200GS, there was clearly pent-up demand for a big, go-anywhere off-roader. Supply will soon be helped by the first models coming to the end of their PCP deals, with both the trade and consumers competing to snap them up.”

As to market trends, Hobson explained to MotorMartin: “December is always one of the slowest months for sales and this year dealers are preoccupied with the incoming Euro 4 regulations. Lots of bikes will be going out of production and we look forward to some exciting Euro 4-compliant models hitting showrooms in 2017. In the used market, most values remain stable and the right bikes will still make decent money.”

With information from the police, DVLA, insurers and finance houses, My Car Check holds comprehensive data on every vehicle on UK roads – things that buyers should be aware of before making an offer.

CDL Vehicle Information Services, which owns My Car Check, have explained to MotorMartin that they perform over a million look-ups a day for companies including AutoExpress, CompareTheMarket, Go-Compare, Moneysupermarket, Swiftcover, Tesco and WhatCar?.

Well worth checking out in MotorMartin’s opinion, the report makes for a fascinating read.

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