News has arrived up on the top floor of MotorMartin Towers regarding the extremely exciting 2017 Arenacross UK series which came to a close last weekend. It turned into another nail-biting finale at the capital’s Wembley Arena, and to celebrate, Suzuki explained to MotorMartin how they have released a video documenting the SR75 World Team Suzuki’s journey through the final round, which ended with Thomas Ramette claiming his third consecutive championship crown.

The video, kindly provided by Suzuki for MotorMartin can be viewed below and it is certainly recommended that you do.

Thrillingly, three RM-Z450-mounted riders were in with a chance of winning the title going into the night’s main event, with the series lead swapping hands a quite unbelievably six times throughout the race. As the chequered flag fell, Thomas Ramette’s second place gave him enough points to take the crown, the SR75 World Team Suzuki rider’s third in a row.

Team RFX St. Blazey Suzuki’s Angelo Pellegrini finished second in the series, while Cedric Soubeyras – who arrived at the final round leading the championship – finished third overall.

Suzuki have shared with MotorMartin that their riders won more than half of the tour’s main events, taking four wins from seven rounds, with a further 22 heat race wins from 28 attempts. A quite phenomenal achievement and one that deserves recognition. Perhaps try catching a round of the Championship next year?

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