Citroën C1 PureTech 82 manual 5-door: I Can’t Let Go

Citroën have made a feature of the vast array of choices available to you when purchasing an all new C1 which means that you should be able to match the car exactly to your needs. Starting with three different trim levels, Touch, Feel and Flair and three distinctive body styles, 3 door, 5 door and the open top Airscape version, the scope for personalisation is immense and positively encouraged as Citroën themselves say: Few things in life are more personal than style and Citroën C1 knows how to bring style to life. It’s not just about curves, proportion and balance either, but about choice and freedom of expression. 

The car on test arrived in the very agreeable Jelly Red Flair Edition including 15 inch ‘Planet’ alloy wheels, Dark tinted rear windows, Electrically heated adjustable door mirrors, superb looking Chrome lower window surrounds, a tactile Leather steering wheel and gear knob, handy Rev counter and Speed limiter, useful Reversing camera and the essential, in my opinion, Chrome Pack which includes Chrome door mirrors and chrome door handles and that’s on top of the equipment already included in both the Touch and Feel Editions. This is a very well equipped car indeed and is comparable with all in this particular segment.

Comfort levels are excellent for those travelling in the front seats whilst the rear are perfectly fine for children over a days travelling and adults for shorter periods. The C1 is certainly no better or worse than the competition when it comes to rear legroom though, it’s a small City car after all.

And it’s ease of use that is one of the Citroën’s best features as everything is designed to be light to the touch or to offer maximum feel through the controls. Steering and suspension combine to provide a car that turns well, utilising its short stature to maximum effect on country lanes and in town, being ridiculously manoeuvrable and yet stable when the cruising speeds begin to increase.

It’s the engine that really impresses though. What appears to be a rather offbeat note at tickover rises to a (mildly) throaty roar when pressing on which, when combined with the C1’s flexible 1200cc three cylinder motor, encourages progress. With 80bhp at 5750rpm and 86ft/lb torque at 2750rpm you can certainly enjoy this peach of an engine whilst still delivering impressive economy of up to 68.9mpg. Up hill and down dale this littlest Citroën isn’t short on ‘real life’ power and the real bonus? That power is completely accessible in all but the most extreme situations.

Overall, this is a car that deserves to do well. It is fun to drive, efficient, powerful enough, spacious within the confines of the class, good looking, well specced and contains that certain joie de vivre that Citroën has a history of producing. From those downsizing to those starting out on their driving experiences, the Citroën C1 could well be all you ever need.

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