There’s just something about Aston Martin that transcends barriers. After all, it’s not just a brand known to fans of the motorcar but is often highly placed in ‘brands of the year’ competitions as it has a badge to yearn for. Perhaps one of the few truly global brands, what with their iconic front grill being recognised and recognisable across the continents whilst the DB lineage has been the vehicle of choice for a certain secret agent since Goldfinger in 1964. In fact, all of us in MotorMartin Towers love them.

News then that the Aston Martin Vulcan was the first car to turn a wheel at the site of the British luxury carmaker’s second UK manufacturing plant at St Athan in South Wales recently, has been met with considerable interest here at the Towers, especially as Aston have informed MotorMartin that this signals the start of the redevelopment of the former MOD site into a state-of-the-art facility.

Rather incredibly, the appearance of the Aston Martin Vulcan, was just the start of an incredible celebration of Aston Martin’s heritage, which brought together 28 very special Aston Martins with a combined value of £65 million in a film produced to celebrate the transfer of ownership of the three super hangars at St Athan and in MotorMartin’s opinion, is simply stunning.

Aston Martin have explained to MotorMartin that the vast, empty hangars offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase Aston Martin’s 104-year history in the only way its drivers knew how. Aston Martin Racing’s World Endurance Championship (WEC) drivers, Darren Turner and Nicki Thiim, along with Aston Martin Chief Engineer Matt Becker, had plenty of room to manoeuvre a stunning selection of Aston Martins. That is, until they got caught by the ‘boss’ Aston Martin President and CEO, Andy Palmer.

Enjoy the glorious sights and sounds of Aston Martins from the A3 to the DBR1, the One-77, numerous Vantages, Rapide S and of course the Aston Martin Vulcan, as they spread their wings at St Athan and which can be viewed below on this short film kindly provided for MotorMartin by Aston Martin. Well worth a view in MotorMartin’s opinion, it’s fantastic.

You can also view the film via the following link: 

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