Suzuki SX4 S-Cross 1.4 BOOSTERJET ALLGRIP SZ5: Real Love

The following is a re-edit of a piece posted by MotorMartin on DriveTribe under The Junk Yard banner run by Tony Yates, perhaps better known as @Xinterceptor.

Wow, what a surprising car the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross 1.4 BOOSTERJET ALLGRIP, SZ5 turned out to be. Handsome, spacious, comfortable, economical and technologically impressive, what’s not to like?

The Suzuki inhabits a very crowded marketplace, competing against established stars of the Crossover genre and as such, needs to have more than something about itself to stand out against such accomplished competition. But let’s not forget that the S-Cross has been with us since the original was launched back in 2013, an age in SUV terms and that first S-Cross was launched as a larger replacement for the respected SX4 and much like today, was packed with equipment offering superb value-for-money.

And now we have Suzuki’s 2017 SX4 S-Cross, a bold and confident return and one which was hardly surprising given the excellent reception received for the firms all new Vitara and Vitara S. Infact, with the Swift remaining ever popular and an all new Ignis having just arrived on these shores, I think that it’s safe to say that Suzuki are rather at the forefront of the latest wave of smart, desirable and contemporary cars available today.

But back to the S-Cross, Suzuki say that this car is the car that matches your imagination, quite some claim but such is the confidence of Suzuki at present that it’s one that will interesting to test. The Suzuki looks fantastic, in my opinion, especially with that all new chrome front grill dominating the front of the car and contrasting beautifully with the Energetic Red Pearl Metallic paint of the SZ5 model on test. With the Suzuki also sporting well designed front and rear skid plates, roof rails, LED projector headlights, a double sliding panoramic sunroof and stylish alloy wheels, the Suzuki looks fresh and interesting when compared to it’s rivals after all, surely the job of an SUV is to give the driver a ‘presence’ on the road, a job that the S-Cross achieves easily. What Suzuki have achieved here should not be underestimated as this is a particularly competitive sector of the market and yet the S-Cross manages to look different enough to get noticed whilst still offering the customer all the benefits that a SUV traditionally offers.

The original S-Cross was well known to offer a mix of value and specification above and beyond it’s peers back in 2013 and as previously stated, this all new 2017 edition is no different. How does the following sound? DAB digital radio, Bluetooth handsfree connection, USB connector, 4 speakers, Power adjustable door mirrors, Heated door mirrors, Satellite navigation, Rear parking camera, Front & rear parking sensors, Auto headlights & wipers, LED projector headlights, LED daytime running lights, Auto dim rear view mirror, Silver side & rear under body trims, Silver roof rails, 17″ Polished alloy wheels, Front foglamps, Dual-auto air conditioning, Rear privacy glass, Leather steering wheel, Keyless entry and start, Leather seats, Heated front seats, Panoramic sunroof, Radar Brake Support and Adaptive Cruise Control.

There’s no getting away from the fact that you’re getting a lot of technology for your money here and the way that the drive is complimented by that technology is something else entirely. The cabin of the S-Cross really benefits from the addition of leather seats and a panoramic, opening sunroof and gives you a premium feeling once settled into the easily adjustable and comfortable front seat. Infact, those in the rear are also well catered for as the seats are also comfortable with plenty of room to stretch out when the need arises.

Worried about safety? There really is no need as the Suzuki is packed full of bang up to date tech that is designed to get you easily to your destination, whether that be the local shops, a weekend away or across continents and the good thing? The S-Cross does everything for you in the background, taking nothing away from the enjoyment of the drive exactly as it should be. According to Suzuki their Radar Brake Support helps prevent or limit damage from collisions, Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts to maintain a distance set by the driver, Emergency stop signal triggers warning lights when brakes are suddenly applied while driving above 34mph, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) automatically adjusts the engine and brakes if the wheels lose traction. Whilst Seven airbags provide extra protection for the driver and front passenger. On top of all of that you also get Hill hold control which prevents the car rolling backwards when the driver’s foot moves from the brake to accelerator pedals and the always useful Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), a multi-information display warns the driver of any drop in tyre pressure, very handy.

And driving the Suzuki brings about more surprises as the quality exterior, well specified interior and the technology under the bonnet combine to provide you with a rather supreme and relaxing mile muncher, the suspension cosseting those inside whilst still providing a quality of ride that allows for precision through the bends and most impressively, control. Foot down and the S-Cross provides a more than acceptable 138bhp at 5500rpm, not mind blowing of course but more than enough to thrill when necessary yet still relaxed enough for comfortable mile munching when the need arises. Driven sensibly or on a longer journey, you’ll also be able get close to Suzuki’s claimed 50.4mpg making this extremely economical for a crossover SUV and superb for this 1.4 Boosterjet Allgrip 4-cylinder petrol engine. 

Not content with providing their customers with the S-Cross in it’s most basic two wheel drive form, the model tested, this superb SZ5 edition, was equipped with Suzuki’s excellent Allgrip four wheel drive system offering adaptive modes such as Auto mode,
which prioritises fuel efficiency in everyday conditions, switching to 4WD to provide additional traction if wheel-spin is detected.
Sport mode which actively engages 4WD based on steering and acceleration input to make the car more responsive along country lanes. Snow mode, when driving on powder, ice, rain and mud, giving crucial traction and stability if the conditions demand it. And finally, Lock mode which engages permanent 4WD if you get stuck in deep snow or mud. You really can have your cake and eat it with the S-Cross. 

Overall though, what makes this Suzuki different and why should you have one on your drive, after all, there are plenty of comfortable and economical Crossover SUV available on the forecourts today. Starting at a quite incredible £16,449, with the SZ5 coming in at £23,749, you’re getting an absolute bargain. I don’t know how Suzuki have done it but the value on offer here is stunning and to be applauded. The price is one aspect that makes this Suzuki so appealing but then there’s the equipment on offer, the space available, the economy and that easy to use Allgrip system. I loved it.

Perhaps Suzuki’s best kept secret?

Where will you go? 

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