MG3 3STYLE VTi-TECH: Thank You For The Good Times

This is the second time that I’ve had the pleasure of this, the MG3 but the first time with the 3STYLE edition with it’s additional cruise control, automatic headlights, styling tweaks, technology and 16″ diamond alloy wheels as standard. Excellent.

But there are certain key points of interest that newcomers to the MG3 range may not yet be aware of and it’s these elements of the MG3 that need highlighting, not just for potential customers but also for those folk that may not yet know that MG Motor UK have emerged from the ashes of the last vestiges of the British car industry. After all, let’s not forget that there are still many folk out there on the roads of this green and pleasant lands of ours that don’t know that MG even exist now.

How about this then for starters?

  • Range starts at £8,399
  • Stop-start EU6 engine
  • Class leading equipment levels including a superb infotainment system
  • Low insurance group of only 4E
  • Spacious interior dimensions
  • Over one million personalisation options available. Configurator at
  • Flexible warranty and servicing packages available 
  • 51.5 mpg combined
  • CO2 124g/km

The 3STYLE VTi-TECH 106PS edition on test represents what was the top of the range MG3 before the new 3STYLE+ specification arrived recently with the addition of leather seats as standard on top of the already excellent specification of the original. 

With it’s Red Rose solid paint, aggressive, deep front sport design grille, rear sport design valance, chrome square tailpipe and the MG logo in the headlights, this MG3 rewards the owner with many such special details upon every glance. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is an extremely good looking car. I particularly like the strong crease running along the side of the MG highlighting the car’s high waistline and parallel body coloured side sills with black inserts, combine those features with the LED daytime running lights and that front grill with it’s iconic octagonal badge and you have a mid sized city car that exudes class and style aplenty. 

And with five doors, rather with the three that cars usually flaunt at this price point and you have a car that is already one step ahead of the game. Indeed, perhaps the biggest (sic) surprise with the MG3 is that once you open the front or rear doors you start to notice the incredible amount of interior space present in the MG, a space with more than enough room to swallow five adults in comfort and yet this Tardis like ability is despite exterior dimensions of 4088 x 1728 x 1597mm, pretty much identical to the natural competition. 

Up front the driver is presented with MG’s Tunnel design instruments and leather MG design, fully adjustable steering wheel, it’s red stitching creating links with MG’s past lineage and helping to create an emotional bond with the 3 that doesn’t then let go. Once comfortable you start to notice the high specification already mentioned as the steering wheel houses controls for the cruise control and infotainment system. A system that includes a Stereo CD+AM/FM tuner with MP3 compatibility, iPod integration, DAB, Bluetooth phone and audio integration as well as a USB port and Aux-in. And it’s simple to set up and use virtually straight away with the sound being of a high quality and strength through the car’s full range of speakers. Let’s not forget the easy to use electronic air conditioning, automatic headlights and washers and reverse parking sensors either.This is a car that does not leave you wanting more, providing you, as it does, everything to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

But all of this means nothing if the MG3 can’t live up to that special something that the octagonal badge proudly displayed on the chrome edged front grille represents. Fortunately, this is a car that is happy to have a dual role in your garage. The first is as a car as a companion, a car that is able to support you in your day to day life, take you to the shops, the park, the school run, in fact everywhere you need to be with the minimum of fuss and trouble. A job it completes with aplomb. 

It’s second role? I’m not going to suggest that the MG is a sports car in the tradition of its more famous forebears but don’t let that put you off as the MG3 is excellent fun on a twisting road through the countryside and beyond. With 105bhp @ 6000rpm and a healthy 101ft/lb torque @ 4750rpm, the 3 and it’s quick revving engine can certainly hold it’s own when the road opens out and the traffic begins to thin. The steering is light and communicative whilst delivering more than enough feedback to let you know what the front tyres are doing with the chassis and suspension allowing you to throw the MG around with ease. 

The best part is that this all happens at ‘real life’ motoring speeds rather than something more stratospheric. That’s not to say slow, far from it, just that there’s less chance of losing your licence than in some of the more outrageously powerful hot hatches available. 

Overall then my opinion of the MG3 has not changed since last year and my experiences with the 3FORM SPORT edition previously tested, after all, the MG has always been a great value, spacious and well specified car it’s just that after spending time with the 3STYLE and it’s extra technology and charm, my appreciation of the littlest MG could not be higher. I loved it and so will you.

Where will you go? 

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