Suzuki Ignis 1.2 DualJet + SHVS SZ5 4×4: All The Young Dudes

The Suzuki 1.2 DuelJet SZ5 4×4 is quite simply brilliant. That wasn’t so difficult was it? Now it’s simply a case of putting forward for your delectation the myriad of reasons why this is the case and what does this mean for you and your next car choice?

From the very beginning, Suzuki have designed their Ignis to offer something a little bit different from the competition, making sure that it stands out from the crowd with bold design choices and a level of customisation available that ensures that each Ignis sold can be truly unique. Indeed, Suzuki themselves state that: It’s easy to make it your own with the option to personalise the colour of everything from your interior door handles to the front grille. And with its full-bodied bonnet that flows over the sides, it’s a style statement like no other.

With it’s short yet tall body the Ignis shouldn’t really work as a style statement or a statement of intent but in my eyes, it works brilliantly. The front grille compliments the clever front lighting well, with the unique ‘U’ shape LED running lights highlighting (sic) the Halogen Multireflector Self Levelling Headlamps nestling within whilst the chrome surround is repeated with the lower front fogs. Moving around the Ignis you’re presented with one surprise after another. The muscular, accentuated wheel arches, 16″ black alloys, privacy glass and those superb shortening diagonal stripes on the rear quarter add together to present the consumer with something altogether new and exciting. Not enough? The little Suzuki also offers a myriad of choices when it comes to individual customisation such as a great looking stripe set and rear spoiler, front grille surround trim and many, many colour choices to name but a few. 

Suzuki have also been really clever with the size of the Ignis, after all, who else has thought of creating a fully fledged 4×4 that is only 3,700mm in length. To put that into some sort of perspective, the all new 2017 Ford Fiesta comes in at a hardly substantial 4,040mm and yet still lacks the 4×4 ability of the Ignis. It’s the interior space of the Suzuki that truly surprises though as despite the diminutive exterior dimensions the Ignis displays truly Tardis like abilities as it swallows you and your three passengers with ease.

With the outside being so striking it would have been an anticlimax to be presented with a rather more standard interior upon opening any of the four doors and making yourself comfortable in any of the four seats available. The ability to change the cabin to suit your own personality continues with a variety of colour options for the door handles, gear change surround and dashboard plastics helping the SZ5 edition tested to look fabulous. The fit and fittings compliment the Ignis and help to give the Suzuki the feeling of quality that it deserves.

Tech heads out there need not worry either as the SZ5 edition Ignis is packed to the rafters with desirable driving aids and infotainment options such as Keyless entry and start, Rear parking camera, Cruise control with speed limiter, Fuel consumption gauge (instantaneous/average), Driving range indicator, Average speed indicator, Gear shift indicator, Automatic air conditioning, Guide me light function headlamps, Automatic headlamps, DAB digital radio, Bluetooth integrated into audio unit, USB connector and an easy to use Satellite Navigation system. And the technology works, combining to offer the driver a safe and comfortable place to be, whether popping down to the shops or venturing further afield. Indeed, over a week and around 900 miles covered, taking in a huge variety of driving and driving conditions around this green and pleasant land of ours, the Suzuki Ignis SZ5 proved itself to be an extremely willing and able companion and one that is already being missed.

Of course, the main event for the impressive Suzuki Ignis is twofold, it’s ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system and SHVS hybrid engine, both features virtually unheard of in a car of this size and extremely welcome for people who need a 4×4 but wouldn’t look at some of the more traditional options for reasons of size and cost. All of this hard work, Suzuki say: Turn the Ignis SZ5 into the perfect drive for discoverers, adventurers and you only live once-rs with ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive. Before adding: The ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system comes as an option for your Ignis SZ5, adding 4×4 spirit to this compact city car. Combine ALLGRIP technology with the Ignis SHVS hybrid engine and 5-speed manual transmission, and you’ll be able to adapt to on or off-road conditions and benefit from outstanding fuel efficiency. The Ignis SZ5‘s Dualjet SHVS engine offers 90 HP, lower C02 emissions and is our most fuel efficient option. The Ignis SZ5’s 5-Speed Manual puts you fully in control.

On the road the diminutive Suzuki engine is able to deliver thrills aplenty with a turn of speed when necessary that far belies it’s quoted 90bhp, feeling much more powerful than the figures suggest, no doubt down to the svelte 885kg weight, or rather lack of and all whilst delivering up to a combined 65.7mpg with figures of 58mpg easily achievable despite a lack of an efficient driving style being regularly displayed. Excellent. 

This review opened with a very bold statement: The Suzuki 1.2 DuelJet SZ5 4×4 is quite simply brilliant, a statement that pulls no punches and asks you to either agree or disagree with the arguments put forward over the preceding 1000 words or so. To summarise, the Suzuki Ignis is stylish both inside and out, customisable to suit your personality and needs, arrives with citybcar dimensions but a far bigger feeling interior space, filled with usable technology, practical, has Suzuki’s superior ALLGRIP system if required and fields a hybrid system which boosts economy and efficiency out in ‘real life’ motoring. The cost? Starting at £10,449 for the SZ3 and rising to a very reasonable £13,449 for the range topping SZ5, you’re getting an absolute bargain and one that should provide you with affordable fun and practicality for many years to come. 

I loved it.

Where will you go?

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