Peugeot 3008 SUV GT Line Blue HDi 120 EAT6: See The Lights

The following is a re-edit of a piece posted by MotorMartin on DriveTribe under The Junk Yard banner run by Tony Yates, perhaps better known as @Xinterceptor.

Now more than ever, Peugeot is channelling it’s energy into designing vehicles that display a striking desirability, mixing looks and technology in equal measures with perhaps the most innovative and daring aspect of Peugeot’s creative thinking being the game changing i-Cockpit®.

The i-Cockpit® empowers the driver, allowing you access to features and functions at the touch of a button or screen. It’s the ease of use that makes this so intuitive allowing you to create an environment in which the technology creates a symbiotic relationship with the driver, allowing you to understand more about the car and conditions that you find yourself in. The most useful of the different options is the ability to display the sat nav map and instructions clearly across the dashboard in front of you whilst still allowing for the revs and speedo to scroll at either side meaning you can keep your eyes on the road when driving somewhere you don’t really know well.

With stylish buttons to control the car’s features styled as if on an aircraft, the 3008 is easy to configure with customisable features such as the DAB radio, Bluetooth music streaming, phone settings, seat massage options, scent choice and strength, seating and steering positions, screen colours, ambient lighting, climate control and so on and so forth. You really do need to spend time with the Peugeot’s manual whilst sat on the driveway working your way through the different options available, it really is worth it.

The exterior of the 3008 shines as much as the interior with neat and classy touches everywhere. Take the rear lights for example, an evolution of Peugeot’s signature tiger claw design and a styling touch that delights. Either side of the Peugeot’s chequered chrome grille are a pair of quite superb and stylish headlights utilising full LED technology and LED sequential scrolling front indicators which combine to provide clear views of the road ahead and allow the rest of the traffic to be made fully aware of your intentions.

The array of colour choices available allow this handsome Peugeot to be shown off to its best, with extended wheel arches, raised horizontal bonnet, chrome around the windows and the special Coupe Franche two tone colours emphasising it’s lines.

The GT-Line on test arrived sporting Peugeot’s excellent 4 Cylinder 1560cc Diesel engine putting out 120bhp @ 3500rpm and delivering torque figures of 221 lb/ft @ 1750rpm which combine to provide power low down where you want it most. The BlueHDi powerplant delivers exceptional fuel economy up to 91.1mpg and hybrid-rivalling CO2 emissions as low as 82 g/km helping to drive down ownership costs. The 3008 includes Peugeot’s excellent EAT6 automatic gearbox and keeps you right in the power curve at all times. Put your foot down and this SUV scrambles down the road, never feeling out of shape but providing feedback through the compact sports steering wheel for you to understand what the front wheels are doing at any time.

Peugeot’s 3008 has more than enough room for children and adults in the rear seats whilst the front seat passenger and driver benefit from the raised driving position that an SUV offers. An excellent boot offering a minimum of 591 litres and a maximum of 1,670 litres takes care of everything the average family can pack.

Driving aids include, Active Blind Spot Detection, Active Lane Keeping Assistance, Advanced Driver Attention Alert, PEUGEOT Smartbeam Assistance, Adaptive cruise control with stop function and emergency braking system with camera and radar allow the driver to concentrate fully on the drive itself with the full knowledge that the 3008 has got your back.

Peugeot have created a winner here.

Where will you go?

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