Suzuki Swift 1.2 SZ5 SHVS Dualjet 4W: Action This Day

The all new 2017 Suzuki Swift aims to build upon the excellent reputation garnered by the previously well received incarnation and continue Suzuki’s superb run of form with their city cars. The Swift has been with us since it went into production in 1983, although it was known as Cultus in its home market of Japan and the SA310 in the UK before adopting the Swift nomenclature later that year. In 1986 we were introduced to the GTi variant before the second generation made itself known in 1989, remaining in production until, quite remarkably, the year 2000 before disappearing from Europe for 5 years.

The returning Swift of 2005 was more like it however, a good looking hatchback that combined an agile chassis with extremely accurate steering and an eager engine. A second (fourth) generation Swift was introduced in 2010 which also brought with it a four wheel drive version to complement the more traditional two as well as Suzuki’s usual complement of perky yet economical power plants. 

All of which brings us bang up to date with the all new 2017 Swift 1.2 SZ5 SHVS Dualjet 4W sitting in the car park of MotorMartin Towers. Like the two previous Swift, this new edition is a handsome car resplendent in it’s Mineral grey and Super black paint scheme, polished 16″ alloy wheels, black A & B pillars, rear privacy glass and subtle rear upper spoiler, overall effect being one of modernity and style. The new larger front grille and smart LED headlights give the Suzuki extra presence on the road which, when combined with the extra curves of the front wheel arches and the coupé style afforded by the ‘hidden’ rear door handles, it’s safe to say that this Swift certainly looks the part. 

With personalisation being such a large part of the car buying experience, Suzuki are bang on trend with their offer of 10 colour options to choose from including 3 dual-tone options. Indeed, Suzuki themselves suggest you: Go bold, big and bright with something out of your comfort zone, knowing that any colour you choose will show off the Swift’s bold, dynamic style. Consider also how accessories such as a Rear Upper Spoiler, Door Mirror Decals, Door Mirror Covers, Front Fog Lamp Trim, Front Bumper Lip Decals and Wheel Decal Sets for the Alloy Wheels can all add to the overall look of the Swift and it’s doubtful that you would see another like your own on the road, which, for many in the market for a new dynamic supermini, is a reason to buy all on its own.

Move inside the cabin and the Swift continues to promote the same attitude to style and convention as the exterior. How so? The interior is remarkably spacious with plenty of room for front and rear occupants alike with more than enough adjustability on offer to get yourself comfortable. Add to this conveniently placed cup holders and storage options and the life of all involved in a journey is made so much easier. 

All models come with a White Textured or Pearl White instrument panel and front door trim as standard whilst Interior style packs are available in Burning Red, Piano Black, Silver and Pearl White with which you can add your own personality to your surroundings. What is particularly impressive is the integration of these myriad options to create a cohesive whole, one that gives you a sense of pride in your choices as you enjoy your own, personally designed and unique Suzuki. 

With bang up to date technology and driver aids that combine ease of use with discernible benefits it’s no real surprise that consumers are being turned on to what Suzuki have to offer. Keep in mind that a lot of the following options were, not that long ago, the preserve of some seriously expensive cars far removed from the Supermini segment that the Swift currently occupies and the achievement is palpable. Dual Sensor Brake Support, High-Beam Assist and Lane Departure Warning in the SZ5 on test are all there to keep you safe on the road whilst the addition of Adaptive Cruise Control in a car such as the Swift is an inspired choice from Suzuki, turning it from a great City car into one in which you’re more than happy to travel the length and breadth of this green and pleasant land of ours.

Suzuki are garnering quite a reputation of late regarding the quality of their range and power plants used therein and the Swift is certainly no exception to this well deserved way of thinking, available as it is with 1.2 Dualjet Manual, 1.0 Boosterjet Manual, 1.0 Boosterjet Automatic, 1.0 Boosterjet SHVS manual (Mild Hybrid) and the model on test, the 1.2 Dualjet SHVS 4×4 manual (Mild Hybrid). 

And what an engine it is, revvy, exciting to push and incredibly efficient whilst still delivering 89bhp @ 6000 and Max torque of 88ft/lb @ 4400rpm. The clever element is of course the Mild Hybrid element of the 1.2 Dualjet engine, indeed Suzuki themselves state that their Mild Hybrid System saves you money by improving eficiency and lowering emissions, the results being a combined mpg of up to 62.8. Don’t forget that this is an engine that also includes an ALLGRIP Auto 4-wheel Drive option which gives you extra grip to adapt to any conditions, whatever the adventure. The best of all worlds in a compact and stylish package.

Entertainment such as the DAB digital radio and Bluetooth music streaming is taken care of and controlled through the vibrant central touchscreen as is Suzuki’s simple to use Satellite Navigation System allowing you to concentrate on the drive ahead rather than what you’re listening to or how to get where you plan to go.

But what you really want to know about is the drive, how the feel of the car is translated from the road to your hands, feet and rear. How the Swift responds to driving input with the minimum of fuss and drama and how, if pushed, the Suzuki presents you with a sporting ride that combines the eagerness of Suzuki’s engine experience with a taughtness of chassis that is divine. Driving is what the Swift thrives upon. Whether it’s a short journey through town to pick up the papers, a commute back and forth through the rush hour traffic or a journey from Bradford to Scarborough to sample the coast, the Suzuki is more than capable of providing comfort, fun and excitement in equal measures. Feeling sporty? Keep the revs up and the Swift rewards you with instant drive supplemented by the Mild Hybrid battery and fair shifts you up the road and yet, change up early and be light on the throttle and you’re rewarded with a genteel companion for a rainy day.

Overall, this Suzuki Swift 1.2 SZ5 SHVS Dualjet 4W carries on the popularity of previous generations whilst offering something new and exciting for today’s savvy consumer. A myriad of styling options, an amazing Hybrid engine that offers incredible economy, Suzuki’s ALLGRIP System for sticky situations and perhaps most importantly, fun in abundance. 

Can I have one for longer next time Suzuki?

Where will you go?

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