MotorMartin has been very much looking forward to the launch of the all new Kia Stinger as it looks to capture the imagination of the car buying public with it’s superb mix of style and performance. Kia are well aware of the levels of anticipation and so, in a display of astonishing high speed to celebrate the official UK media launch of the new Kia Stinger, three ‘GT S’ models took to Cornwall Airport Newquay’s runway achieving speeds of over 150mph. Excellent.

Perfectly demonstrating the power and mile-munching prowess of the new Kia Stinger, three pro-drivers took to the former military air strip in a staggered ‘half duck V’ pattern, giving onlookers a jaw-dropping view of the vehicles’ capability in a place not normally associated with cars.

Starting at the east end of Cornwall Newquay Airport’s 1.7-mile runway, Kia have confirmed to MotorMartin that the vehicles deployed full throttle until reaching the last quarter-length of the tarmac when their 350mm ventilated Brembo discs brakes brought all three cars safely to a stop.

Powering the ‘GT S’ models to these great speeds was the twin-turbo 365bhp 3.3-litre V6 T-GDi engine, capable of taking the car from standstill to 60mph in only 4.7 seconds, and to a top speed of 168mph.

With full approval granted in conjunction with the Cornwall Airport Newquay Safety Management System and in coordination with air traffic control, the three Kia Stinger ‘GT S’ models took to the same strip on which a recent land speed record practice had taken place.

This week the whole Stinger range goes on sale with deliveries to customers beginning on January 1 2018. More information and the full specification can be found here:

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